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3 Ways to Stop Social Engineering Plots Against Your Busines

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , April 19, 2017

Here are three ways to stop social engineering plots against your company's network.

Your company isn't as safe as you think is. No matter how strong your network security measures are, you still have a flaw. A clever social engineering attempt could give a criminal access to your private data. Here are three ways to stop social engineering plots against your company's network.

Train Your Employees

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Many of the best tactics for securing your company against social engineering are educational. By training your employees about popular ways to breach security, you reduce the risk of one of them falling for such a scheme.

The first step is to educate your staff about phishing attempts. The most famous phishing attempts are emails from third parties. They claim that a person must click a link for some reason. When the employee clicks, the URL is a website with malicious software. It can breach your company's security and leave you vulnerable to hackers.

Teach your staff that they should never open an email from an unknown source. Also, train them in ways to tell if an email isn't from the person it claims. Many email services like Gmail provide warnings now when such messages are from questionable sources. Switching to a secure email product like that is also a good idea.

Limit Access

One of the reasons why social engineering endangers your company is that the cons are so clever. When one of your workers has access to priority data, they're like a Wells Fargo armed security vehicle. They have money, and people can rob them.

Plenty of social engineering scams prey upon this vulnerability. One of the most brilliant ones is the USB drive con. A hacker leaves one of these portable devices in the parking lot of the business. An employee foolishly picks it up and plugs it into their computer in the hopes that they'll find out who owns the drive. It's a nice gesture that can ruin a company. The hacker has installed malicious code on the USB drive. The instant it plugs into the computer, the criminal has root access to your system and thereby your finances.

The best way to prevent this fiasco is by limiting access. Consider how many of your employees have security clearance for critical company data. Now think about how many of them need it to do their jobs. Only the ones you know offhand should have core access. Everyone else should have to ask for it, and you should usually turn down such requests.

Employ Adaptive Authentication

The best way to stop thieves from infiltrating your system is to use adaptive authentication. When a hacker breaches your data, they'll perform a series of steps. They're exploring what your company has and how they can take advantage of it.

Adaptive authentication anticipates criminal behavior. This programming understands that criminals will access files that employees wouldn't. When it notices irregular activity, it'll force the user to prove that they are who they say they are. Employees can do this while hackers can't. It's an elegant solution to system vulnerability.

Social engineering can negate all your attempts to protect your data. By following the suggestions above, you can stop these hackers from breaching your data.

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