Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Graffiti Blues Live At The Bull Bar

Graffiti Blues, a Long Beach trio, was originally featured in the Broowaha article Graffiti Blues: We Just Want To Play. I caught up with the band at a live performance at The Bull Bar in Long Beach.

In September, I interviewed Graffiti Blues. At that point, I had only heard the songs on their Myspace page. I hadn’t yet seen them live. Recently, I went to see the band perform for the first time at the Bull Bar in Long Beach.

The Bull Bar, at the corner of 7th and Redondo, would be real easy to miss. It’s one of those fairly inconspicuous places and you could easily walk right by it. Even the website is fairly inconspicuous. It contains the logo of the bar, the address, phone number, and the slogan “Cold beer, good burgers.”

Graffiti Blues went on around 10. One thing that immediately struck me is that all three members (Aaron Monroe, Argenis Moreno, Alonso Moreno) are technically very solid. They are not the kind of guys to jump around with a lot of crazy antics while they perform. However, they bring something very refreshing to their performance: passion. It’s easy to tell that they really feel what they play.

With only eight songs, the band was able to showcase its range from funky original tunes (“Electoral Move” and “Zeitgeist Again”) to classic blues covers (“Killing Floor” and “Got my Mojo Workin’”). Graffiti Blues also has a real retro rock facet in their sound (think Grand Funk), particularly in the guitar. The sound easily filled the bar without being overpowering. The venue was intimate, and the music was very good. What else can a person ask?

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