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5 Ways To Help Struggling Students To Improve Their Grades

by Sarah Taylor (writer), , April 26, 2017

It is a responsibility of the teachers and the parents to help the students who struggle with their education.

Young students are the real asset of any society. This is why a lot of focus, both at the public and the private levels, is being made on improving the skill sets of every individual going to educational institutes. Every student entering an institute is different from the other. Some are brilliant while others aren’t totally able to catch up with the flow. Consequently, the latter lag behind the former.

There is plethora of ways using which teachers and the parents of the struggling students can come to the aid. The whole helping process starts with the step of identifying the problem. Once the problem is figured out, the next step needs the formulation of a strategy with the help of which students can be aided in their learning.

In the underlying article, we have briefly discussed how parents and teachers can be helpful to the struggling students in improving their grades.

Be Supportive

The most crucial thing involving the whole helping process is support. A struggle with grades affects the other facets of a student’s life too. For instance, his social life is affected, his self-esteem is compromised, and his ability to take on challenges and excel at something is being brutally challenged. This is the time where parents and teachers need to step in and be supportive.

Ensure Personal Aid

This step requires both the teachers and parents to be something a bit more than being just supportive. Parents and teachers should be ready to offer personal assistance wherever a struggling student needs. Either it is with homework, essay compilation, or getting ready for a test, students should be helped when possible. Teachers and parents should spare time out of their daily routines and invest it into helping children.

Adopt Technical Methods

Grades of a student are compromised when he isn’t able to grasp the ideas underlined in classrooms. When students aren’t able to catch up with the concepts of the processes, they tend to fail. Parents and teachers can use multiple technical methods to help the students. Following are the methods which can be used for the purpose;

Mnemonics: Concepts (and even tough words) are divided and subdivided into patterns which can be easily remembered.
Graphics: This is a great way to help students absorb the gist of any idea. Infographics, videos, and other similar methods can be used.

Design Specialized Course

This is a proven method when it comes to helping students improving their grades. Each student is of a different caliber from the other. Therefore, each student should be taught and evaluated using a specially designed set of parameters. Specific course works should be designed for every student.

Use Additional Counseling

The last thing which we have on this list is the use of additional counseling for the sake of the purpose. Professional counselors should be hired so they can help the students with their education. This helps students decide that what they exactly want from their life. It provides a unique opportunity for self- reflection which is extremely helpful.

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