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Boost ecommerce web design prospects through these 4 way

by Mir Hussain (writer), , April 26, 2017

user experience is an essential web calculate that is presently being classified in the mains for the accomplishment of any eCommerce web design.

With the looks of it, 2016 is claiming to be the time that is owned by ecommerce ventures. And since we are already living in a digital space, being marketers is all about understanding where the industry skewed is? Some of the biggest changes that we see in the marketing spectrum of today is not the dawning of the ecommerce industry. It has already well taken place, but it’s the way how ecommerce website designs are being created and how website design agency are contributing to their design and development. This article will showcase few biggest trends in the ecommerce web development industry and how can they help you sell more online.

Use a life size image

A full page background image on a website is something that adds to the online shopping experience of the consumer. One full image over a lot of smaller ones make the website look un-cluttered and clean so that customers could focus on a product and possibly move towards some successful sales.

Therefore, when you are about to use a full life size picture on your web page, make sure to use a HD quality pic that won’t pixelate. The best form of marketing is to invest in visibility.

Flat design is the in-thing

The big design trend in 2016 is the flat design. This design style uses a series of simple colors, shapes, and lines all fitted together with the view to creating a website that’s clean and uses a minimal amount of visual glitter.

But flat design also edges towards something called material design. Material design adds some additional colors into the overall design. The inclusion of color in this way is seen as effective for enticing users to shop.

Use minimalist buttons

Minimalist buttons are part of the flat design trend that were introduced in 2014. Minimalist buttons are like ghost buttons that can be used to perform any function on the website page. The best part about using minimalist buttons is that they do not disrupt the overall design and thus makes them the most popular choice of companies operating in the ecommerce industry.

Use mobile optimization

The use of mobile phones is increasing. So much so that in United States alone more than 70% individuals use their phones to not only search for their requirements but also place online orders and do shopping. Keeping in view the trend, businesses today are required to optimize their websites for mobile browsing. Responsive website design is one such technique that allow websites to open with full functionality on any smart device and adjust their size accordingly. Not only this allow customers to browse through their required category with ease but it also provides opportunity to business owners to showcase their products in a much better way than before.

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