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Top 6 Fitness Goals worth Striving For

by Pankaj Sharma (writer), Noida, April 22, 2017

Setting fitness goals and striving hard to achieve them is no fun but while we accomplish them, it keeps us motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.

Each one of us has a different goal, especially considering individual fitness, stamina and passion towards sticking to fitness routine. It is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture and that is to stay healthy.

Instead of devoting all our efforts to achieve weight loss, flat tummies and perfect abs, it’s advisable to consider performance oriented goals. For instance, 30 days from now, we should be able to do what we can’t now. If we are able to shed some pounds and walk faster, nothing like that.

Trying to focus on the process than just the outcome is the key. Working out just for the sake of it, gets boring and lame after some time; so we must approach exercise as a skill that needs improvement with every passing day.

If an athletic and muscular body is what we aspire for, then these 6 goals would help us to achieve a near-fit frame.

1.Striving for a Balanced and Flexible Structure:

Flexibility and balance are usually not considered very important when we try and work on our fitness. But it plays a crucial role as we age. Many of us would go down on flexibility and balance with time. The muscles and tissues become less mobile so keeping them in action is vital.

Although it’s hard to quantify these attributes in terms of numbers, but they essentially need to be worked upon at all times.

All the body parts need suppleness to enable the entire frame working in sync.

2.Keeping a Check on Vitals:

While working on our fitness plans, we generally tend to overlook our blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and cholesterol level.

Although it is difficult to monitor these on a frequent basis but we must take a note from time to time. The numbers can well deviate from the normal levels and must be supplemented with medicines, if required.

Diet plans and daily exercise regimens also attribute to our vital stats. So getting it reviewed by a certified practitioner is a must.

3.50 Push-Ups for Strong Shoulders:

Though they appear to be a little old fashioned, but push-ups are the best indicator of our upper body strength and endurance levels, especially for front shoulders, triceps, chest and core.

An added benefit of push-ups is that they don’t involve equipment, meaning we can do it anytime, anywhere.

Trying with 20 push-ups at first and moving up to full 50-range repetitions on a regular basis would tone up the shoulders and chest within a few weeks.

4.Leg Strength with Squats:

Squat appears so simple and natural that we generally assume that we know the best how to do it. However, it involves applying the right technique. Especially in case of a body weight squat, when we have a heavy barbell in our hands, the head and the torso should remain straight.

While doing squats, keeping a check of lower back is always recommended. Incorporating some Piriformis stretches is a good idea.

Squats are an absolute must for all of us in sports.

5.Weighted Chin Up for Improved Stamina:

Lifting up the body weight from a dead hang involves the use of upper back muscles, biceps and gripping muscles, that we don’t hit very often, and this is where the difficulty arises.

Until we build enough strength to pull ourselves up, along with few extra pounds, we are not doing any good to our stamina. We must add at least 10 pounds every time we do a set.

6.Holding a Plank Helps the Core & Hands:

A strong core is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also essential for heavy weight lifting. Once in a week, we must hold a standard plank for maximum time we can. It benefits the hands enormously.

Holding a plank requires our body to be in a straight line from head to toe. Keeping our muscles relaxed would only help towards holding it for a longer time and preventing back and hand pain in the longer run.

Perhaps every article on fitness goals would define the sanctity of the fitness regimen as the top factor in achieving success. How honest are we towards our fitness schedule solely determines the number of packs we are going to get eventually.

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