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5 cool gadgets of 2017 you must try!

by herbertp343 (writer), , April 14, 2017

You can get the best and coolest gadgets listing of this year on The top 5 coolest and great gadgets of this year include:

In today’s era, the world has experienced a new change. Superior technology is replacing outdated and new and improved versions of prevailing gadgets are being introduced. This has not only increased the efficiency of work but also has made our lives easy. New and advanced technology is charming, and you must try these to know what the world is offering and what the future will hold. This has painted an entirely new scenario of the electronic market. Every day there is a new technology in the market and believe me, it is all worth a try.

Many new gadgets have made entry into the market this year. You can get the best and coolest gadgets listing of this year on The top 5 coolest and great gadgets of this year include:

  • Lenovo Smart Assistant: Lenovo has introduced new speakers which are an alternative to Amazon Echo. These are light weight, cheaper and colorful speakers with good sound quality. It comprises of a total of eight microphones that are capable of picking speech from a distance of 16 feet. They are ideal for various tasks such as managing calendars and to-do lists, answering questions and call, playing music, etc.
  • Asus Zenfone AR: It is one of the coolest gadgets of this year. It has been built to provide great virtual reality as well as augmented reality experience. It is made with such features that make it learn about the surroundings so as to run the AR and VR apps. it can work on Tango and Daydream technologies as it supports two platforms which were created by Google. It is not just a regular phone which can be used for calling, texting, playing games or booking Uber and Ola cabs, it is much more than all this.
  • PowerRay Aquatic Drone: It is a boon for the fisherman and the fishing industry. It is a powerful drone which can be used in the water bodies. It has an inbuilt sonar system which will help locate the fishes and send images to the user as well. It is a waterproof device which is capable of working in both fresh and salt water.
  • Mattel Aristotle: It is a combination of a smart baby monitor blend with Amazon Echo. It is one of the most useful devices for parents who have new born babies. It intends to help the people with various tasks such as soothing crying baby, encouraging kids to mind their manners, helping them to learn languages, etc.
  • Razer Project Valerie: Some people work on more than one job simultaneously. This device is for such people. It has two foldable displays with a primary screen in the centre. One can watch movies, play games and work on the laptop all together on their individual screens.
  • All these devices have made our work easy and have also helped us in the field of entertainment. There are many other tools available in the market too which are capable of making our work easy. With the passage of time, all these gadgets will inevitably become a part of our daily lives.

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