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8 Reasons Why Folding Bikes Are Popular

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, April 19, 2017

Today's folding bikes perform better and are much more reliable than ones made a generation ago.

If you were to hear about folding bikes a couple of years ago, you might have been laughed away as a crazy person. Why would you even think about building a bike that folds, when you have a perfectly good bike in front of you? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Well, that’s just not true anymore. Folding bikes are taking the world by storm and are becoming more and more popular every day. Read down below to learn the top reasons why folding bikes are becoming popular and why you should think about getting yourself one.

1. You Can Take It with You Wherever You Go.

When you think about security, it’s much more likely that your regular bike is going to be stolen than a foldable bike. With a folding bike, you can just fold it up and it looks really inconspicuous next to your desk. But, with a traditional bike, you’re going to have to lug around a huge bike chain with you and hook it up outside wherever you are. And there’s a bigger chance it’s going to be stolen when it’s out of your sight.

    2. They Make You Look Cooler.

You’re simply going to look a lot cooler when you can fold up your bike in a couple of seconds and pop it out whenever you’re ready to ride. And we all know that everyone thinks you’re cool if you’re one of the first ones to adopt a new technology.

3. You Can Accelerate Faster.

Because folding bikes have smaller wheels on them when compared to traditional bikes, you’re going to be able to accelerate a lot faster, like those from Cycling Plaza. That’s because smaller wheels require less energy to get going than the bigger wheels on normal bikes. Didn’t think about that, now did you?

4. They’re Much More Practical.

Folding bikes are just a whole lot more practical than regular bikes. Imagine that you have to run onto the subway, but your huge traditional bike is making that such a hassle to get through the gates. Or you want to run into a store when the rain starts pouring down, but you can’t bring your regular bike into the store.

When you have a folding bike, you can simply fold it up and take it wherever you need to. Super practical!

5. They Save Space and Are More Convenient.

Whenever you need to store your folding bike for a road trip or when you’re working, they’re super easy to store because of their folding technology! That makes the convenience level on these things absolutely incredible.

6. Low Maintenance Costs.

There are a lot less maintenance costs when it comes to owning a foldable bike when compared to those of a traditional bike. For example, you won’t have to buy bike insurance, renting out parking spots, or anything of the sort when you have a folding bike.

7. It’s Better for Your Lungs to Commute With A Folding Bike.

When you’re sitting in a car, you’re putting yourself at risk for inhaling pollution from the burning gas around you. This is especially true when you’re stuck in miles of traffic with tons of cars around you burning off gas. It’s just better for your lungs to be going to work on your folding bike, rather than sitting in the car.

8. It’s Generally a Better Conversation Starter.

It’s true that not many people have hopped on the folding bike trend yet. That’s going to make your folding bike a big conversation starter for anyone you’re meeting with. If you have trouble making conversation with other people, just get a folding bike and it’ll be started for you!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s about time that you head to the store or go online to order a folding bike. It’s super popular right now, so get with the crowd!

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