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5 Best Space Games of 2017

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , April 13, 2017

These games are absolutely visual treats to people who are fond of science fictions. Let’s see a few of the games that they enjoy playing of recent.

Inter-galactic warfare has long inspired video game manufacturers and movie enthusiasts. Movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek have played a pivotal role in making humans realise the mysteries that lie in the outer space unexplored. With the advent of a new age of gaming, people are always looking forward to space-based games. Plenty of free mobile slot games are available on popular casino websites and there are always lucrative offers to attract more gamers. These games are absolutely visual treats to people who are fond of science fictions. Let’s see a few of the games that they enjoy playing of recent.

5 Space-based games that people have rated as best in 2016-17

  1. Shallow Space Insurgency – For those who claim to be StarCraft fans, this modern rendition is quite popular for its real-time strategy concept in three dimensions. Players are required to build armies and destroy enemies for resources and territories. Furthermore, players can locate blueprints and build space stations.
  1. Eve Valkyrie – Considered as one of the most interesting space-based games launched in 2016, Eve Valkyrie is a game where the players are put into their respective spaceships and a massive battle ensues in the galactic universe. The reason behind the immense popularity of the game is because it is based on the concept of Virtual Reality. This makes the gameplay even more interesting as attention to detail over every single graphic is beyond words.
  1. No Man’s Sky – This sandbox game has a total of 18 quintillion planets that the players get to explore. There are all sorts of ecosystems and the graphics are simply amazing. Players might be surprised if they get warped all of a sudden to a different environment, which might be more hostile and would require them to fight for survival.
  1. Homeworld Remastered Collection – Based on the concept of Real Time Strategy (RTS), the game has been developed by Gearbox Software and it looks brilliant. The storyline is quite simple as the species are going to go extinct and the last hope is on the mothership, which the players have to control. This mothership is known as Pride of Hiigara and the players have to build their battle fleet by gathering resources and make sure that the empire rises back.
  1. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – The premise of this game lies in Warhammer 40k Universe, which covers the most intense battle between The Orks, The Eldar, Imperium and Chaos without brilliantly designed space battles. There are plenty of customizations, which can be done in terms of shields, weapons along with other forms of defence systems. Even the crew can be customised and all that makes this game even more interesting.

Since we already mentioned the popularity of space-based games, these have made a significant mark in the online casino gaming sphere as well. One can easily enjoy these games and play for free at Based on the trend, there is a tremendous amount of scope involved in game development keeping outer space as the concept. These games are taken well by fans and there is a lot of hype when a popular game with brilliant graphics is available online enabling people to compete against each other.

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