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11 Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

by Sophia Jones (writer), , April 14, 2017

Study of the USDA told that if you are a family of four people, the monthly average costs around $568 and if you are the kind of family who has high budget then it exceeds to $1,293.

No matter whether you live alone or feed the whole family, food is something which always costs you a lot. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food is the third largest household expense in the world.

Another study of the USDA told that if you are a family of four people, the monthly average costs around $568 and if you are the kind of family who has high budget then it exceeds to $1,293.

There are ways which help you saving money on food shopping, you can save about 25%. In short, you can save from $1,700 to $3,900 by following the below money saving food shopping tips.

Check Your Pantry

Every month before going shopping, check out your pantry and freezer to see what you already have. This way you can save yourself from buying something at the grocery store which you already have. Just imagine you buy an item at full price and when you come back home, you come to know that you already have this item in your pantry/freezer.

Check Deals First

What people usually do is make a meal plan and then check out deals. However, the best way to save money is to check deals first and then make your meal plan. In this way, it is easy to choose and you are able to buy meals half price.

Don’t Waste Food

According to a study, Americans usually end up throwing 25% of the groceries away because of expire. Make sure to check your pantry every week to stop your food turning into waste. Groceries which are about to expire, place them in a noticeable area so you make some meal of it. This way, you money does not go wasted.

Shop Less

Don’t go food shopping after every two or three days. Just remember that you can save more money, if you shop less. Have a control on your impulse and save gas by choosing groceries wisely and get the best in weekly visits to the grocery store.

Always Have Substitutes

The next time you go food shopping, make sure to check last grocery receipt. Mark the items which costed you the most and try to buy alternatives. For example, you can buy ground turkey instead of ground beef as turkey is cheaper than beef.

A Visit to Nearby Stores

Make a list of all common food items which you buy like chicken, milk, apples, cereal, and detergent. Pay visit to nearby grocery stores to check the price. The reason is to compare pricing of all stores so you can get the best at the most affordable price.

Be Aware of price

Know the price range of the most items which you buy every now and then. This way, you are able to get their lowest. For example, if the most frequently bought item is chicken breast, keep a check on its pricing so you can buy it at its cheapest cost.

Go Alone

Going alone for food shopping is far better than going with your kids, husband or a friend. When you go food shopping with people, you end up buying more than you should. Just make your grocery, head to the grocery store, and control your emotions to save yourself from buying unimportant or extra food items. For example, taking your kid to the store will cost you a lot because he wants to buy this chocolate or that snack which only increases your bill.

Avoid Middle Shelves

It is a trick of them to place the most expensive items at your eye level so this is the first thing you see on shelf. Don’t buy from middle shelves, instead, look for high and low shelves because they hold less expensive yet good quality food items.


No need to buy plenty of herbs from the grocery store when you can grow it on your own. Put these pots in your kitchen which makes the kitchen atmosphere healthy and refreshing and helps you save money as well.


Use coupons to save money on items that you buy. Trust me, a valuable coupon of Target or Wallmart can help you in your budget.

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