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Webinar ups the game of communication over IP

by herbertp343 (writer), , April 03, 2017

Today web conferencing applications have the ability to deliver Real Time video and data to millions of users.

Rapid development in science and technology especially in IT sector has led to some significant innovations see the light. In the field of communication, messaging and chatting clients have come a long way. Webinar short for Web Seminar is a new technology which is used for conferencing over IP. Webcam chats are passé; software was supporting multiple Text/Voice/Video chat are now gathering approval among different types of users. Web conferencing started in the 90s, Microsoft NetMeeting was one of the early pioneers that met various requirements of a proper web conferencing application. Technical limitations then meant it was used only for Text conferencing. Towards the turn of the century many purposes, such as the Starlight Network, Vstream, had come up which enabled users to share pre-recorded video, audio, documents and presentations. Today web conferencing applications have the ability to deliver Real Time video and data to millions of users.

What does a Web Conferencing do?

A web conferencing application lets you share your video, presentation, lectures or any data in real time. A professor can deliver a lecture to students who are at a university in another country; a Project manager can instruct engineers at the site without being physically present there. Similarly, senior surgeons can guide other surgeons in complex surgeries; Scientists can deliver a dissertation on web seminar which can be viewed by a countless number of people. Web conferencing has a very comprehensive and versatile user base that uses such services for a variety of cause. A Webinar software functions in basically two different ways. The first type is connecting all users with each other with the software managing data transfer between each participant. The other kind is by visiting the online application on its website and connecting to the desired seminar or conference. The latter is used widely and for events such as talk shows, debates, and lectures. The application would allow you to send text, audio, presentation, other data types or even video chat with the host.

What are the advantages of Web Conferencing?

In the age of globalization and information sharing, it is imperative that people communicate with each other whether it is for business purpose or for sharing knowledge and technical expertise. Web conferencing helps reduce expenditure for organizations. For example, an engineer or technician can be trained at home without having them travel to and lodge at the other place, sometimes even abroad. A technical snag in the operation of any machinery or system can be discussed with participating experts thereby reducing delays in production and processing. Scientists and researchers can share their breakthrough with budding scientists. Many countries have adopted Webinar technology to teach school students in remote places where it may not be feasible to send a teacher of any particular subject. Many organizations are using web conferencing to teach underprivileged children in developing countries. This helps in very high level of human resource utilization. A single teacher for students in different shelters or schools enables NGOs to spend their resources in a better way. Web conferencing is also used for connecting to people who are caught with some natural calamity where they can be instructed accordingly.

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