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by C.V. Harris (writer), U.S.A., February 14, 2008

Writer attempting to encourage people to realize in a moment one's life could be drastically altered--for the worse. Hence, we should appreciate the life and blessings we have been given today!

As I reluctantly stood atop the twenty steps I had to descend daily in order to catch the train that would bring me to my daily grind, I attempted to put one foot in front of the other and suddenly...... I tripped!

In the few agonizing minutes it took me to regain my composure and my footing, I realized, had I fallen, I probably would have plunged head first onto the hard linoleum flooring that awaited me at the bottom of the staircase. More importantly, I would have most assuredly suffered serious injuries, or worse, death. (As a result of my misstep, I sustained a bruised big toe that ached for a week due to my awkward attempts at avoiding this tumble).

Few people know that my greatest fears are drowning in the coldest, brightest-blue, chaotic water, and of course, falling down a long flight of stairs. I endure dreams of my demise or being severely handicapped, even temporarily disabled, from either of the aforementioned situations quite frequently.

I harbor such an acute consternation for these two circumstances that it has taken me weeks, months, years even, to sit down and construct a story that vaguely includes the topic of drowning or falling. I would imagine I’ve been unenthusiastic in including tumbling or sinking in any of my writings because as of late, I’ve begun to allow myself to partially believe if you talk about a topic, you inadvertedly give life to it. Hence, this script is my defiance and inability to absolutely believe the latter. Hopefully, admitting my premonitions and briefly jotting them down will help me prevail over my fears granting me restful slumbers in the future.

As I was saying, I nervously retrieved my bearings after my stumble and I bid those who love me good-bye. While I moseyed in the direction of the train station, I became aware that I was strangely agitated. I guess I was troubled not so much by the fact of the act of falling, but rather, the end result of my plunge coupled with the disastrous effect that my injuries would have upon those who love me and persistently expect me to function as the full-of-zip, individual I’ve always been.

As I strode, step-by-step, I started thinking of how precious life is and how in a in a jiffy... in a flash.... with the bat of an eye....a tiny flicker, the life you have at 9:00 a.m., won’t be the same life at 9:01 a.m. All it takes is an accident or injury and your life is altered........... possibly forever!

Isn’t it funny how people rarely take the time to observe their own lives appreciating the blessings that have been bestowed upon them? I’m talking about the “goods” that are constantly overlooked. However, if we were to have those “goods” removed from our lives, our existence would be hindered or unfamiliar. “Goods” like the loss of a limb or an eye. Imagine being told that you had to choose which one of those “goods” you had to get rid of. How about waking up a few hours from now and being told you’d never walk again? What if you never woke up tomorrow and your loved ones were told you suffered a stroke and were in an irreversible coma? How devastating are those scenarios for ya? What about the fact that we wake up each day just plain ol’ healthy and pain free? How blessed you are if you can admit to being healthy absent pain each day? What about the fact that your brain and thought processes are working properly allowing you the capability of making sound decisions to construct your life or the lives or your loved ones 24-7?

See? We never think about these “goods” do we? We take L-I-F-E for granted! We often talk and think in terms of always being around to see another sunrise.

When you leave your job at the end of the day you don’t say to your co-workers, “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow because I might not wake up in the morning,” do you? Of course you don’t! What you do say is, “Good-night, I’ll see you tomorrow.” We bid goodnight to our co-workers in that manner because by design, we take for granted that we are going to be around for another tomorrow.

It’s unfortunate that our tomorrows are not promised to us, although most of us live each day mindless to that reality. Therefore, we should practice living each day conscious of our brief existence on earth. Make each second, each minute, each day, meaningful. Take the time to say I love you to your loved ones as you leave the house each morning. Otherwise, you might not have an opportunity to say it to them again, regardless your may never see them again-- e-v-e-r! Hug someone you think is deserving of some kindred spirit. Maybe you’ll change that person’s life in a positive way you’d otherwise believe unimaginable. Speak to someone as you pass him or her in the corridor. Greet someone who wouldn’t normally part his or her lips to speak to you. Take the introductory step for a change and be the bigger person. Speak to them, even if they have never spoken to you first. Being kind should become infectious, because being mean certainly is....think not??

I know for a fact, I’m nice to people each day that I’d rather not tolerate for a microsecond if I weren’t forced to work with them. Sure it’s called professionalism and cordiality, but I’m a very compassionate person by nature. So it’s easier for me to be nice than to be cold and cruel for 8-hours. Heck, it sure makes my workday end faster, I know that! Besides, being mean and grumpy takes too much energy. I don’t know of anyone deserving of that much power over my way of thinking.

Appreciate those you love by giving them your “time.” Spread your wonderful self thin by surrounding yourself with people and friends who appreciate you-and-your-company. If you have elder parents, GIVE THEM YOUR TIME!! Do it today!! Because in a flicker, the life you lead today could be drastically altered or, a flicker.

Just in case you’d like to know what a flicker is? Blink your eyes right now. That’s a FLICKER! Now think about that! And while you’re thinking? Make sure you hold onto the railing from now on as you descend stairs. Even if you believe you’re taking them gingerly. Cause your FLICKER could be just one step away.

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