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Black Eyed Children

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An examination into a bizarre phenomena. Would you invite them in?

You may have heard the term BEK, or maybe you have not. BEK stands for black-eyed kids. I am not talking about just the iris, I mean the whole eye. Variations of these humanoids have been seen as adults as well as children. They are male as well as female, all with the same black eyes... no iris, no discernible pupil and no sclera, just coal black eyes, and all seen at various locations.

Now obviously, one could say, well, it just sounds like people wearing those black contacts who are just messing around. Yes, possibly so. However, there is another factor; the unexplainable "dread" that overcomes those who are contacted.

Superior. Predatory. Unsettling. Menacing. Inhuman. These terms have been used to describe the instinctual feelings upon conversing with these beings. What makes this even stranger, is that the black-eyed children are usually asking for a ride, help, or to be invited into a house. Vampiresque, right?

According to an article on, a lady named Adele heard a slow knocking on her window at 11pm. She looked out to see what it was and there stood two young children (approximately 9 yrs old) with entirely black eyes. They asked to be let in and when she inquired for what, they said to use the bathroom. After experiencing an immediate overwhelming dread she said no, left the room and they disappeared. Another experience on came from a guy that was about to leave a parking lot when two teenagers knocked on his car window. At first, one of the boys asked for a ride home. As he felt compelled to open the door, he discovered their eyes were black. Finding them quite unnerving, he paused. The teens grew increasingly adamant and nervous sensing his tension and persisted more that he let them inside. The man shook off his frozen response and drove off, immediately feeling that he needed to escape them. He explains the experience as being mesmerized by the boys, almost like being swayed by low-level mind control.

Other stories have been synonymous to those experiences, the dread, the adrenaline; the feeling something is not quite right and having some sort of telepathy experience with the beings. Many feel that if they had let those people in, they would have been killed. Others are not as dramatic as to claim murder, but feel the overwhelming uneasiness accompanying the interaction. The flight or fight instinct kicks in almost immediately. So far, I personally have not been able to find any stories of people that have actually had contact and allowed them to enter their house, car, etc.

So, what are they? Demons? Aliens? Vampires? Are they random persons of varying ages who enjoy wearing black eye contacts and asking to be let into homes? Many things on this earth we have no idea exist, as this may very well be one of those things. You can decide for yourself if they are actually something for concern or not. Nevertheless, I would not recommend letting them into your house anytime soon.

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By Alethea on March 03, 2009 at 04:20 pm

hahaha !

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By Mistybubblesz on September 01, 2010 at 04:17 am

Found an article of someone who let them in the car after so much searching and this is what they do...

Now I've investigated a couple claims of these critters in New Orleans. And had 1 encounter. The one I encountered was supposedly stalking this young man, asking to come in his home, for rides in his car etc... Very well spoken, very pushy.

As we walked to my car parked near Ja Brewery by st louis cathedral, the black eyed child appeared. Quite literally out of nowhere. He approached me, not the client. He said he needed for me to let him in my car and give him a ride over to the warehouse district. I obliged, and although the client was freaked out, I allowed the kid to sit in the front seat whith the client in the back.

I spoke to the young man, I guess he was about 12. His reponses were very articulate. Surprisingly articulate for a child his age. It was about a fifteen minute ride in traffic. I finally broke down and asked about the eyes. "Are you aware that your eyes are completely black?", I said. "Yes", he responded. "Why is that", I asked as calmly as I could.. "Because they are". "Contacts?" "No." "medical condition?" "I wouldn't consider it a medical condition although you might MR J." I'm thinking how did this kid no my name and is the client hoaxing me. I look in the rearview and he's glued to his seat, looks like we've hit 10 Gs in my car.

We finally arrived in the warehouse district and I asked the black eyed child to direct me to his destination. He had my drop him off at the old confederate museum. He opened the door and looked at me and simply said "Thank you." I said your welcome. THe child replied "No, really, thank you very much. THis means a great deal to me".

The client told me to drive. I waited for the child to enter, I figured his parents worked there or something. And he just walked in. I drove off. I pulled over by Harrahs and the client hopped in the front seat, obviously terrified. He asked me how I remained so calm. My reply was, it was just a kid. WHy would I be terrified of a child? "You let that thing in the car and he climbed in the back seat and sat on me". I was watching the entire time. No he didn't. Yes he did. He took every bit of happiness and joy and every positive emotion I had and ripped it from me.

Now I felt no despair. No negative feelings. Nothing supernatural. Just a black eyed kid who was a little weird who needed a ride. But at this point I thought I had a lunatic in my car. I dropped him off at home. And have had 2 subsequent follow ups, with multiple team members. This guy claims to still see the child everywhere he goes. He still comes up and asks to come in or sits on his porch and tells him that he's starving.

We've seen no more of the child. And we haven't seen any paranormal activity in the fellas home. We've sat up still cameras and even when he says the child is there nothing is showing up on anything, through the cameras or naked eye.

Now I'm not sure if these reports come in when hpobic people meet kids with the disorder I referred to. But I trust my instincts. There was nothing supernatural with this kid. He had black eyes, bot quite like the pic I linked more black. And he acted like a stepford wife. Other than that nothing abnormal.

But I've seen a lot about these kids lately and wanted to post this.

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By amity_007 on November 19, 2011 at 02:20 pm

ha ha.!!made me remember Wes Borland - Limp Bizkit's Ex Band Member... That Black eyed Guitarist...!! (Though he uses contacts but kind of... scary...)


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By Credo on October 19, 2013 at 11:48 am

Interestingly captivating but fictional...


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