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Dubai World Central Free Zone

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, April 06, 2017

To increase tourist and Dubai cargo intake/handling capability a new international airport called Dubai World Central International Airport

The Foreign free zone which is also known as free trade zone where goods and merchandise are bought, handled, manufactured or redesigned and sometimes again exported without the involvement of customs duties. Free trade zones have different categories like airport free zone, sea free zone, national frontiers areas etc which possess many geographic advantages for trade and business. The goods are only subject to customs duties when the goods move within the same city in which the free zone is situated. Free trade zones are also known as foreign trade zones or bonded warehouse.

There are a lot of free zones in the world but UAE free zones are always admiring people from around the world for investment as these zones have superb policies and less documentation is required. The dream of most businessmen and investors become reality in UAE free zones as business freedom is provided and anyone can achieve his goal here. There are different free zones in different cities of UAE. Some of best zones are in Dubai that’s why Dubai trade zones are known as Dubai World Class Free Zone.

Dubai World Central Free Zone:

Between east and west, Dubai is an important and necessary link. Being DWC free zone, Dubai is at the top position is in trade, export and logistics etc. It connects Jebel Ali port, which is a major port between Rotterdam and Singapore, with Al Maktoum International Airport through the channel of logistics. In short DWC Free Zone is a stage or platform that is providing effectiveness, speed, productivity and high level of connectivity to new investors and businessmen.

Benefits of DWC:

Now the question is what are the benefits that someone gets by setting up a business in DWC free zone? There are a lot of ways in which Dubai free zones assists you in your financial career. Business and investment are really important things. So everyone is conscious and put great efforts and care to invest his money in any firm. Hence the free zones in Dubai focus on all things will attract a business man for investment. Some benefits of starting a business in Dubai are listed below.

    ·You can get 100% foreign ownership.

    ·There are no particular income taxes.

    ·You are allowed to do a business as well as you can have your office in Dubai.

    ·The company can have one or more shareholders.

    ·Different free zones offer you wide variety of residential and profitable space.

    ·Safe and friendly business environment.

    ·No local agent or sponsor required.

There are a lot of benefits that you get by setting up your business in Dubai while just a few are listed. The documentation process is really easy and quick that anyone can easily apply and have a business. You can have a license and can do any legal business that you want regardless of the limitation from any authority. You even not bound to any currency. Different types of licenses are available in DWC free zone like commercial license, educational and industrial etc. So DWC free zone is the best place to start a business.

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