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Technology: How it Affects Relationships in 2017

by Sunder Singh (writer), Noida, April 03, 2017

Here are some of my thoughts on the problematic areas of technology in the realm of relationships.

You start up the day in a frenzied mode, probably pick up your smartphone to check for updates from the email, respond to chats from the social media platforms and also check up for some more interesting news feeds. Then comes the rest of the day and you are still on your smartphone connecting with people, tweeting, and doing some other things online.

All these would never have been possible without the advancement in technology.

Through technology, we can communicate and connect with relatives, friends and loved ones all scattered across the globe. However, as good as it sounds, we are equally disconnected despite being connected through technology. Our level of human interactions and social behavior has gone down the drain as technology has now been a source of a barrier to an effective human to human communication. While being glued to our smartphones, the world has our divided attention and most times; greater attention is devoted to technology than an effective one-on-one human communication.

Although we conveniently turn to devices for our social needs, we primarily yearn for physical interactions.

The problem is, as our devices, we now expect our relationships to be just as fast and brief. Thus, diminishing the quality of human interaction. According to noted Canadian Psychologist Dr Cory Hrushka with Edmonton based Insight Psychological, “The issues couples and families face today in counselling have changed dramatically over the past decade, much of that to do with technology”.

As time goes by, we neglect the effectiveness of friendship and the much-needed affection from a neighbor that we may never get through technology. Before long, there would be no one to share feelings with, no one to talk to when you need to seek counseling.

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying that “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. Words communicated via technology and social media chats may sometimes not convey the tone and mood of the speaker as that of the physical one-on-one communications. You may never get to know when someone is serious, sad, needing help and counseling, with just an exchange of words via social media.

Sometimes it takes a closer study and observation of someone’s look, mode of talking, and other things to know how such a person feels, things that you may never get to see or determine when you are not in physical communication with such and one.

Sometimes, what a downcast and an emotionally disturbed individual needs is just a hug, peck or holding of hands and hearing such a sweet voice whisper into their ears that “It's gonna be alright, cheer up.” All these are lost in a technology-enabled communication.

No doubt the impact of technology in humanity cannot be underestimated, all in all, there is a need for balancing the role of technology with what the one-on-one kind of communication would do. Technology is meant to supplement our relationships with fellow humans and not to destroy it.

Make yourself available in a variety of ways and know when each method is appropriate. Until robots are built that can raise babies, technology should only supplement our relationships.

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