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What you should know when shopping for power tools online.

by The DIY Hubby (writer), , April 03, 2017

Online shopping has become the chosen method of purchasing products for millions of consumers. Its easy, hassle free and convenient, or at least that is the theory.

In this article we take a look at some of the factors you need to consider when shopping online and how to spot the red flags in the world of internet shopping. This is a must when buying electrical equipment like power tools online.

Check the credibility of the website you purchase from.

A good rule to follow is to stick to the known websites and brands. All the big online retailers like Amazon and Ebay have solid policies and safety measures in place to protect the consumer. There are hundreds of foreign retailers that do not apply sufficient safety measures, and these are the sites you have to avoid.

Before you enter your credit card details on any website, make sure that the site has a security certificate in place. The letters HTTPS should be displayed at the beginning of the website URL, accompanied by a padlock icon in the corner. This means that communication between your device and the website is encrypted, making it safe to exchange information.

Buying your power tools from an online retailer.

There are loads of advantages to purchasing your power tools online. Not only can you sit in the comfort of your home and browse thousands of products, but just a few clicks can have your new power tool arrive at your doorstep the next day. This eliminates facing the crowds at the mall, walking around for hours to find the best product and borrowing the neighbour's pickup to transport your new table saw back home.

It is clear to see why online shopping is so popular, but when it comes to purchasing power tools, there are some guidelines you would want to follow to make sure you get what you paid for. Here are some tips to remember when shopping for electrical equipment like power tools.

  • Make sure that the tool you purchase comes with a warranty. Even the best power tools can break down, and this when you need to fall back on the warranty. Never purchase a power tool without a warranty!
  • Read the terms and conditions on the website to make sure you are happy with the return policy. Any reputable retailer will have a decent return policy in place that will allow you to return a product if you're not completely satisfied.
  • Make sure that sales tax is included in the listed price.
  • When comparing prices, take delivery costs in to account. Some retailers offer free delivery which can make a big difference in the checkout price when compared to those retailers that charge for delivery.

Research before you buy.

This is probably the most important aspect of shopping for power tools, and all you information you need is available on the internet. Let's say you are looking for information on drill presses to find a drill press for your workshop at home. A quick google search for “drill press reviews” will reveal a host of websites with tons of information about drill presses. This way you can compare the specifications of popular models, compare prices and read consumer feedback.

Review websites often have links to all the major online retailers, making the buying process very easy indeed. Before you purchase a power tool, narrow down the contenders by comparing specifications and only selecting those models that will suit your specific needs. After comparing prices you will have a better idea of which models to choose from.


Buying online can be easy and hassle free, but you have to avoid the pitfalls to really get the best deal out there. Avoid dodgy websites that offer huge discount, but have no return policy. Check the credentials of the retailer before you purchase any products from them. Use all the information available when shopping for power tools. Research, compare then purchase.

If you need more information, there are lots of articles around on what you should know when buying online. Hopefully this article will help you when shopping for power tools.

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