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Guide for Choosing the Best Wireless Routers

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, April 03, 2017

The wireless routers of most of the leading companies are more or less similar in design and cost.

Now a day we found that wireless routers are just everywhere. The most amazing thing is that every house, office, apartment has the one installed in them. The functions of the best wireless routers are to connect your PC and handheld devices to the broadband internet. So it is easier for you to share files and stream videos between WI-FI and computers. Most of the people don’t like a wired router and prefer wireless router because they don’t have Ethernet cables all over your home. Besides all this, a wireless router is the best way to access broadband internet. Here in this article, we are going to give you some tips to choose the best wireless routers. Let’s take a look.

The Need of a Router

Sometimes you use a wired Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the broadband internet but it is not possible when you are using mobiles and laptops. So for such handheld gadgets, the need for a wireless internet router is still there. With a wireless router can stream music, share files of any type and the most important thing is that you can connect every device in your office and home. For your desktop PC, a wireless network may not be necessary but if your house is full of devices then it is necessary to have the best wireless router in your home.

Some Features to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Let’s discuss some features that you should consider before choosing a wireless router. Many manufacturers are introducing strong wireless standards in them for your smartphones. The most recent standard is IEEE which is the most advanced technology. Always check the capabilities of the routers before purchasing them like 802.11 g, 802.11ac etc. If you are a gaming lover or a social media enthusiast then you need a wireless router with a specific capability. The latest standard is 802.11ac which specifies the Gigabit speed which is much faster than 600Mbps. Routers with this capability are becoming more affordable and people are using them rapidly.

Wireless Data Security – the Major concern

Wireless networks are very convenient to use but the major issue related to them is that they a not secure. If you are not taking proper steps than anybody can leech your activities that you make online and can access your important data that is stored on your computer. Most of the time people also attempt to infect your wireless system with a virus. So besides being convenient, it can be troublesome for you. Before purchasing a wireless router make sure that it must support WPA2 which is the wireless protected access Protocol. Although it is not the ideal feature but it is acceptable to look for this feature in your wireless router.

Some of the high-quality wireless routers come with most amazing features like advanced security, more encryption, and they have the ability to block the unwanted person on the wireless network. With such amazing routers, you can also view the activities of the people online like what information they are browsing.

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