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2017’s Best Jeans Design Adds Screws On Your Fly

by Sunder Singh (writer), Noida, March 31, 2017

Award-winning denim noticed for its screwed-up crotch, the Screwballer Jeans, featured on USA's streetwear online store Differio

How do you earn the Best Jeans Design Award of 2017? All it takes is a pair of stone washed jeans, metal tools and some creative inspiration from your local hardware store.

This award-winning denim is getting noticed for its literally screwed-up crotch, known as the Screwballer Jeans manufactured by Kingz Jeans for streetwear online store These futuristic blue jeans look like they’ve been customized for The Terminator with its industrial-style accents that put the ordinary blue jeans to shame. This superhuman fly is designed with screws and bolts in place of the traditional button and zipper fly. The chunky hardware is a cool upgrade from what we’re used to seeing on men’s jeans, like studs, holes and patches.

You’re probably thinking there’s no way any man has the patience to unscrew his fly every time he needs to remove them. This is where the real denim innovation comes in because you actually don’t need to tinker with complicated hardware. Although the screws are completely removable, these accents were designed for purely decorative purposes. The fly is constructed with an additional, Asymmetric side zipper that runs down the crotch, so it won’t take hours to get your own junk in and out of these pants. This is the kind of ingenuity that makes high fashion jeans worth investing in.

Sometimes, it’s not just about how your jeans are designed, but how they make you feel when you’re wearing them on a night out. This is where the Screwballer Jeans crush the competition by far on all aspects of having the best jeans design. Although these jeans weren’t initially designed as a crotch enhancer, the bulky screws and bolts add some front-and-center dimension that’ll create some subtle and natural volume to your package. It’s the kind of distraction you want on your fly – discreet, effective, and provocative. In short, these are the jeans you’ll want to wear when you want to make a truly lasting impression that shows off your individual style.

Apart from the really cool fly, these jeans are machine washable, dryer safe and pretty much indestructible. They’re made from heavyweight denim, which is a dead giveaway that your jeans are actually made from high-quality denim fabric. The material is finished with modern accents, like an antique wash and distressed markings, for the ultimate cool factor. They're finished with a slim fit that slightly hugs the ankles, which looks virtually flattering on all body types.

While the Screwballer Jeans are obviously original, it deserves the Best Jeans Design Award of 2017 for its potential to create a new wave of mechanical-inspired men’s fashion. We’ve already seen what designers can do with bleached, embroidered, and ripped denim. The concept of attaching screws on textile is a nouveau approach that crosses unthinkable boundaries between fashion and machinery. These jeans could spark a new line of denim that is about mixing and matching unconventional materials with traditional styles.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so be prepared for a mass of copycat prototypes claiming to have the best jeans design. You can purchase the Screwballer Jeans exclusively on Differio.

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