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8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017

by Alice Jakson (writer), , March 31, 2017

Trends are a great way to see popularity what we believe. Anything you design is a piece of art. And, we think that there's not anything better than following the trend.

Here are 8 tips that will be the defining design trends of 2017. You can incorporate these trends into your designs using stock photos and vectors if you’re a blogger, graphic design company & individual or marketer in the industry.

1. Loud, Bright And Braver Color Combinations

Everyone has their style of designing. But only the designers who dare to go out of the box and play with colors are those who will stand out from the competitors in 2017. Go crazy with the louder and brighter colors like neon, hot pink, bright yellow, poison green when you are working as a graphic designer in the industry.

In designing industry, color is the powerful tool, and it has potential to play with people’s psychology as attractive color combinations set the mood. And we believe playing with colors is playing with people’s mind while you are designing images. So before sketching up a mock-up, think about the kind of impact your intended colors would create on the minds of your projected viewers. Therefore, we suggest you use this trend for your bold branding as bright colors can quickly hit your messages to the customers' mind. .

2. Mix And Match Typography

Bold Typography and powerful mixed font combinations grab the attention of audiences quickly.This is the great design trend, which will make your design stand out in 2017. Those days are already gone when you are keeping your typography inside the box. But this year formal approach has been decreased. If you want to make some fun, then play with words that will give your design the final touch of your creativity level.

Write bold fonts with sleek ones, play with the color contrasts of different typography, give some motion blur effect to focus your texts and also use with the shadows that create a 3D look, if you need to get someone’s attention in the print world. As headlines grab the reader instantly, so you need to make it a part of your art. You get about only 30 to 50 seconds at best to get someone’s attention in the print media. So, don't miss this opportunity. Otherwise, you'll lose your potential customers.

Team management is necessary when you're designing any image. So, you need to appoint an expert yet creative person for the graphic design managerial position, who's responsible for managing workflows, department staffing and delivery of creative designing projects.

3. Illusions !

Before discussing illusion designs, let's think about illusion. What is an illusion? An illusion is something, which is likely to be wrongly interpreted by the senses. These days, it's playing a very casual side of the internet to entertain us. Illusion designs are not only used for still pictures but also they're used for videography too. And trust me it stands for a great value.

If you are a designer by profession, use a great illusion image in your design that increases your traffic by a visible number. Attractive images along with creative content are more beneficial for you to increase traffic. According to

content marketing expert Bill Widmer, having high-quality content optimized for search engines will increase your business’s visibility.

4. Simplify Your Design

Nothing seems elegance than a simple layout. So keep your design as simple as to be noticed if you're working in the advertising world. To grab the attention of customers, you don't need to use an additional background for your designs or images. A simple touch of inclination in the background of the image would do the magic. These types designs are best left to professionals, a great place to draw inspiration from is Creato who do logo design in Melbourne. So you keep your design simple in 2017 by using your designing skills and deliver the message clear with that.

5. Geometry Rules

Let's talk about geometry, which shapes any kind of art. If you add some geometric touches in any design that looks super smart, trust me. It's just like a backbone. But, that doesn't mean images without geometric shapes is back-boneless. And yes... a design can be refined with a touch of geometric shaped background.

You believe or not, but it's a fact that design with geometry shapes increase the percentage of the viewers' focus. Geometry shapes are ideal, especially for website designing. It (geometry shaped design) looks very bold and helps you to keep your content clean and organized.

6. POP Art

The most exciting type of graphic designing is pop art which you can't forget to use it in your design. Now, it's known as a trend adopted by every designer. This is the most unusual pattern to work with.

These days people are browsing the websites even for prank gifts to present their loved ones. So, you (designer) need to create exciting design related gifts so that people will be able to get their favorite things from websites by avoiding long lines at the ever-dreaded shopping mall. If you're a bold marketer, use pop art to set your brand image in the industry. And, if you are a creative person then you can use it (pop images) as your personal experiment. We believe it compliments your purpose. So consider this crazy pop art trend in 2017!

7. Indie Style

Use boho patterns, feathers, and prisms in your images if you want to give the design a trendy-indie look. Even you can add a little bit floral prints as a part of your design. The color combinations used for indie style designs are not too bright, but they're very colorful to make a statement.

We think it is quite popular design and it’s time to make it a new design trend. So, try it out today to enhance your design style in 2017, if you're a designer, illustrator by your profession.

8. Duotones

What is duotones? Combining two different colors into one image is called as duotones. Use loud colors or contrast colors if you want to give your image duotones. Nowadays, this pattern has become so popular among music bands as they are using this duotones to design their album cover. It's a very easy process that one can use to highlight a personality to give it a retro look. So you need to require a good sense of color combination to master this skill, and we think this trend (duotones) will help you stand apart from others in 2017.

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A Closing Note

Trends are a great way to see popularity what we believe. Anything you design is a piece of art. And, we think that there's not anything better than following the trend. We hope all the above-mentioned trends will help you in designing graphic designs, arts, and images. This article will help you to take your design to the next level. So, don't waste your time too much and get out of your comfort zone (the traditional stuff you use for designing) to try out new yet creative designs. Good Luck!

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