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Mobile App Marketing Trends Every Business Should Follow

It is no longer enough to let users know about the features and benefits of the app but now it is more important to convince them about why they should download and use your mobile app.

Do you know, 42% small businesses in the US have their own mobile apps and by the end of 2017 around 67% of them will have a mobile app for their business? This is just one piece of an example concerning the huge growth and popularity of mobile apps for small businesses. Businesses are increasingly understanding that representing their brand and business offerings on the mobile platform requires having own app. So this trend of small businesses adopting mobile app platform is not just a short-lived fad but a massive reality that is going to transform the business world with every passing day.

While this is going to be a continuous reality every small business needs to know the trends in mobile app marketing that are going to be decisive for small businesses.

1. Programmable ads

In app advertisements that mobile app marketers are familiar for some time are increasingly becoming contextual and user situation oriented. Four example when playing a mobile game the game player after facing it difficult to overcome a few levels can actually be interested in paying a few pennies to make things easier to earn some extra points and reach to an upper level. Depending upon this the gamer can receive messages to run an in-app advertisement and select his preferable option. This kind of marketing often termed as programmable ads can allow being more contextual and specific to user interactions. It is needless to say such ads, and in-depth approach to marketing will get more traction and foster engagement.

2. A shift in market towards the Android platform

Yes, this has been a significant trend in the mobile app development for few months. We have seen a slight de-growth in the market share of Apple iOS while the growth of Android continued. At present Android holds the largest market share in devices and is continuing to grow at rapid pace. In 2017 and beyond we can expect more small businesses to give priority to Android over iOS when it comes to developing their mobile app for a single platform.

3. Brand partnership

As a trend, this is nothing new in low budget mobile app marketing, but in the present context, more businesses are going to make use of this strategy to boost their mobile presence and chances of business conversion. A brand in the hotel or travel industry when unleashing their mobile app can easily partner with another food, or retail brand makes the marketing initiative turn on prospects and build traffic for both businesses and their respective apps. On the part of users, such partnerships can add tremendous value to their overall experience with the app. For example, when booking a hotel, you can easily book a restaurant dinner in the same city thanks to the easy availability of the option right from the hotel app. With Brand partnerships continuing for business apps soon we can see many small businesses joining hands for mutual benefits and unlock the untapped potential off delivering to the user contexts.

4. Social media video ads

It is actually a no-brainer since most of us know it already. Not a single day passes when we do not watch a social media video describing a product or a service. Practically social media platforms like Facebook are populated with video posts of all types. In the recent times, we have seen a huge increase in the visual contents and a steady decline of text content across the social media platform platforms. There is no sign of stop to this trend. Naturally, companies and small businesses including the brick and mortar stores or even non-descript looking small businesses are continuing to opt for video ads on social media platforms.

5. Precision apps

It is rather a new trend in the mobile app development world. Precision is something that every app developer wants to achieve, and it is crucial to achieving traction and engagement on the part of users. But when a business needs to do too many things through the same mobile app the focus can be lost. This is why many businesses with related brands and services are offering a number of mobile apps for every different purpose as well as target customers. An app that can precisely do a single thing gets more traction and can guide the users to their required interaction better. So if a business has a hotel and a food chain as per the trend of precision apps, it needs to offer two different apps for two businesses.

6. Content marketing for mobile apps

In the ultimate analysis users all over the globe across the niche searches for quality content. While content is and will be irreplaceable as the bread and butter of digital marketing to market mobile apps you will also need to cater quality contents. Just a few ‘how-to’ ads and descriptive promotions cannot satisfy the users. On the complete contrast, if you can provide contents that are helpful to the users and purposeful for specific needs, they can listen to your promotional contents or ads and actually can take an interest.

7. Pre-launch marketing

This is still one of the major drawbacks of many mobile apps. A vast majority of mobile apps start with your marketing initiatives just as soon as the respective app store releases the app. Mobile app marketing is now truly competitive, and without gearing up for the audience long before the app is actually released, you cannot get on top of the competition. So, just as soon as the development project is halfway through you need to make your marketing tools and professionals fall into place. All the tricks to creating barge around your new mobile app you need to apply before the app is released.

Finally, it is continuous engagement steady interaction and a lot of quality contents that together can give your mobile app better hearing from the audience.

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