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7 Workplace Challenges for Managers in 2017

by Mir Hussain (writer), , March 26, 2017

Common Workplace Challenges Managers can face in 2017

Is your organization struggling to keep pace with competitors? Are your employees seems bored? Are you struggling to retain the best talent? If the answer for all the questions is in affirmative, then there is something wrong with your workplace environment.And you need to sort that out pretty quickly.

According to latest research, half of your employees will consist of millennials by 2020. With more and more millennials entering the workplace, the environment and culture at your office will go through a paradigm shift in 2017. It will give rise to new workplace challenges. In this article, we look at seven workplace challenges that you must overcome in order to achieve business success in 2017.

1.Workplace Conflicts

A team consists of many individuals who work to achieve a common goal. Conflicting personalities of team members and professional jealousy give rise to workplace conflicts. Dealing with this workplace conflicts are tough because you have to find a win-win situation for both parties to settle the dispute. If left unattended, these workplace conflicts can grow into something bigger and more dangerous and can wreck havoc on your team cohesion.

2.Overwhelming Workload

We have all gone through this phase in our professional lives; bearing the burden of overwhelming workload. Everyone cannot handle the pressure and succumb to it. This leads to poor work-life balance and employee burnout. One way to resolve this issue is to use a task tracking software for groups. It balances the workload efficiently so that none of your employee is overburdened.

3.Employee Turnover

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is to retain their best talent. This reflects from high employee turnover rate. Employees want a conclusive working environment as well as learning and growth opportunities. If they do not get it, they will not wait long and switch their jobs immediately. As a result, you lose your best talent. Try to know the problems your employees are facing and provide them suitable solutions in order to retain your best employees.

4.Time Management

Managing time efficiently is very important for sustained success and consistent performance. Unfortunately, most employees fail to manage their time effectively and end up wasting a lot of time. If your employees are doing late sittings then it is an indication that they are not managing their time effectively. Make a timetable and stick to it. Divide your day into minutes and maximize every minute of your day.


Communication gap can wreck havoc on team cohesion. Most errors from your team members occur due to poor communication. When your employees are not clear about their roles and responsibilities, they tend to make mistakes. Establish an open communication channel and encourage your employees to give feedback and problems they are facing. This will minimize the communication gap and solve the trust deficit issue as well. Effective communication will remove most of the hurdles and lead you to success.

6.Lack of Coordination among Team Members

Despite sitting alongside one another, there are instances when team members do not get along well with other teammates. There is nothing worse for a manager than seeing their employees moving in different directions. This is where online collaboration software for teams like TaskQue can help you keep all team members on the same page and ensure effective collaboration among team members. Without proper coordination among your team members, you will never be able to achieve your goals.

7.Employee Productivity

Have you ever wondered why your employees’ productivity is showing a negative trend? Is it due to personal or professional stress or due to heavy workload or any other reason? It is important that you identify the root cause of the problem and take measures to fix the issues. Otherwise it could have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the organization.

With so many distractions around, employees lose focus and they fail to manage their time effectively which results in poor productivity. By keeping distractions such as social media, emails, gossips, etc. at bay, you can boost productivity of your employees. You can also use a task tracking software for productivity and optimize resource utilization. This will have a positive impact on the employee's productivity.


Whether it is employee turnover, workplace conflicts or diminishing employee productivity, these workplace issues can lead to failure by disrupting team cohesion. You can resolve most of the team communication and collaboration issues by using team collaboration software and keep all your team members on the same page. Use a task tracking software not only to monitor progress but also to balances the workload equally to prevent employee burnout. If you are facing any other issues at workplace, which is not on our list, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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