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5 App Building Tips To Stay On Top Of The Game

by Kaushal Shah (writer), , March 26, 2017

The ever-growing demand for mobile apps has made it challenging for developers to create successful apps. Here are five quick tips to ensure you build a successful application for your business.

A mobile app can act as a competitive weapon to win the market share battle if the right set of features are incorporated. The issue with majority applications in the market is that they fail to engage users for a longer time. They may serve the purpose but lacks in terms of key features and aspects that can distinguish the application from other average applications. In order to create a compelling, feature-rich application, here are five features that you need to incorporate into your app development.

1. Simple User Interface: A great mobile app usually satisfies the needs of the end users. A clean, simple and aesthetically attractive user interface (UI) is imperative for any mobile application. For instance, if you take a look at the apps like Facebook and Instagram, they maintain a highly simple yet minimalistic user interface. You wouldn’t want to clutter your mobile app with unnecessary features and navigation, risking the chance of confusing your potential users, especially when your app is a new entrant in the market. Adding unrequired features can compel your user to switch to other applications. Hence, it is crucial to make your app on-boarding and user experience easy to understand and accessible for your users.

2. Customization: Users undeniably love personalization. So, if possible, enable your users to personalize the app. You can provide options like flexible settings, colors, fonts, and sizes which are an easy win. Allow your users to make the app look the way they want it to.

3. Social Media Integration: One way to quickly increase the user base is to enable sharing with popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, or discussion forums like Reddit and Quora. This is essential because it allows the user to share what they like about your app to their friends and family, ultimately helping you drive more business.

4. Frequent Updates: To create a long lasting mobile app, you must update your app frequently and provide consistent support to your users. Ensure that your content is also updated with relevant features and information. In addition to that, it is also vital to update the app for performance glitches, bugs, and errors to maintain the growth.

5. Reliable Security: Security is a major issue with many apps. You must make the users instill trust in you as your app may have access to their images, payment information, and logins. You must take right measures to ensure safety and security of customer information including payment details. Publicizing the customer data or avoiding to implement stringent security measures may invite data leaks and security attacks. If a user loses trust in you, you lose a customer.

In conclusion, all the features listed above can build a strong backbone for the success of your mobile app. It helps to drive more traffic as well as business. One other important factor you should consider is to create multiple versions of your app that can seamlessly run on all major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This can be done by hiring skilled developers of PhoneGap as it is easier to create multi-platform app through code portability. Are there any other features that can help ensure the success of a mobile app? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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