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How to stop dog barking

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , March 28, 2017

It is essential to understand why dogs bark. Just like a human being, dogs like communicating.

You will rarely come across a dog that barks without reason. Like human beings, dogs usually communicate through barking. You can stop your dog from barking by tuning its feelings and thinking. The goodness with dogs is that they have a simple view of life and you can train them with a lot of ease. Training dogs to stop barking entails modifying their pattern of reasoning and feeling.

The main undoing of barking is that it only has one vocabulary which is woof! This sound could be a representation of greetings, an alert, excitement, attention, and expression of boredom just to name a few. Conversely, a lot of barking from your dog can be annoying to the residence and neighborhood. A dog should not just bark without reason as it can be a nuisance. You can always train your dog to bark when it is necessary. Here are some of the techniques you can use when you want to stop your dog from barking.

1.Take the Dog Through a Behaviour Therapy

If you have a dog that likes woofing, you can consult a veterinarian to get insights on how to address the issue. Most of these experts have the right qualifications in understanding the behaviour of animals. Some health issues like pain, vision, dementia or hearing problems could be the reason behind dog barking.

You may also find some dogs barking when they have an anxious feeling. The veterinarian can administer the right medication to the dog to calm down the situation. Some of the medications are temporal. Modern dog trainers can also assist your dog to cope with unusual conditions. Other ways of instructing the dog to stop barking include using physical correction, a sound, or a look. Make sure the dog relaxes and submits before you go your way.

2.Maintain a Diary on the Barking Behaviour of Your Dog

It’s advisable to keep a diary of the dog’s woofing behaviour especially when you are not sure why it is barking. You may find some dogs having a tendency of barking at everything. Make sure you understand the pattern of your dog barking. You can involve your neighbours especially during the time you are not at home.

Another option could be investing in an activated voice recorder that is readily available on the market. You can link this recorder to your smart phone apps and use it to monitor the dog’s barking pattern. You could also view the dog from the CCTV connection in your home. You can understand the underlying factors of dog barking once you have a clear pattern of this behaviour.

3.Remain Calm as you try to Correct the Behavior

Constant barking is irritating, and it’s hard to correct the behaviour especially when you are annoyed with the dog. Dogs, like other animals like following leaders who are calm and composed. As dog, can understand the level of energies in human beings. The dog will bark more if you are too harsh on it. Make sure you are calm as you try to correct the behaviour.

4.Challenge the Dog Physically and Mentally

Excessive barking of dogs typically results from pent-up energy. It is advisable to release such energy in a more productive manner. You can choose to take walks with your dog, try a bicycle challenge, a backpack or hiking in an inclination. You can also provide mental challenges to the dog such as submission, agility exercise, and herding.

5.Keep the Dog in an Enclosure

If the dog continues to back at any situation, object, or person, you can decide to keep it indoors. Keep the dog in a place where it will not come across most of these objects or situation. Isolating the dog can create an environment that will assist your dog to stop barking. You can bring the dog back to light once it forgets some of those stimuli.


It is also critical to understand the type of dog that you own. Some dogs like a foxhound, bloodhound or a basset hound just like barking naturally. Other dogs are territorial and concentrate on defending the home by barking at anything and anyone. Therefore, some barking could be a warning that you are in danger. Make sure you treat and train your dog well if you want to get the best service.

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