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6 Tips To Prevent Football Injuries

by Tom Starke (writer), , March 23, 2017

Football is definitely one of the most popular games in the world. More and more kids play this beautiful game every year. With increased participation comes an increase in the chances of injuries.

With increased participation comes an increase in the chances of injuries. This is quite natural. After all, it’s a contact sport.

With contact sport, the risks of injuries are always high and off the charts.While most of these injuries are considered inevitable; but some, in fact are actually preventable. Here are a few tips that you can use to prevent football injuries.

1.Pre-season training and conditioning

Many soccer injuries happen usually at the start of a season when most players are out of shape and out of practice. This happens due to a petty case of doing too much within a short span of time.

There are something that players should practice to keep pre-season injuries at bay. They should participate in programs of core, leg and endurance strengthening exercises before the season begins. That’ll help them adapt to the specific muscle movements that they’ll probably use during the play.

Always aim to increase agility and strength progressively. Take your time and you’ll definitely reduce a lot of pre-season injuries.

2.Stretches and warm-ups

You must remember that tight muscles are more prone to football injuries. Hence, it’s advisable to ensure that hips, quads, hamstrings and ankles are well stretched before each game and practice.

Make it into a habit.

Warm up before each game with a slow jog before delving right into the play. After the game, it’s advisable to stretch again, walk a short distance to cool down and get your body back to its initial resting state.

3.Knee protection programs

Certain knee injuries like the anterior cruciate ligament rupture are serious enough to end a player’s career. Hence, it’s always advisable to take proper precautions against knew injuries to the best of your abilities.

Certain exercises show that they are tailor-made to increase knee strengths and also improve a range of knee movements. Enroll in such knee injury programs to increase your knees’ resilience against such injuries.

4.Use well-fitting protective gears

Protective gears like shin guards are an absolute must to prevent on field contact injuries.

Shin guards play the main role in protecting the vulnerable part of your tibia from painful contusions. Cleats help in protecting your foot and also provides the much needed traction for playing on a wet surface.

Always ensure that you wear gears of the right size so that they fit your perfectly and don’t come off during the heat of the play. For example, if you don’t wear cleats of the right size, they can create blisters on your leg from too much use.

5.Learn proper heading techniques

You might argue saying that in football head injuries usually occur from clashes between two players. But many head and neck injuries also occur from wrong heading techniques.

The clash between players is almost unavoidable at times but with proper heading techniques, you can actually minimize your head and neck injuries at least to a certain extent.

You should contract your neck muscles to hold your head in a fixed alignment with that of your torso before heading the ball. This is a proper technique that you can master after a fair bit of practice.

Head injuries aren’t one to be trifled with. In some cases, they might result in serious concussions that might require surgery at an advanced stage. Take proper precautions to keep it at bay. Prevention is always better than cure.

6.Proper field maintenance

Improper field maintenances sometimes become the major culprit in inflicting injuries on players. To be honest, these injuries aren’t a fault of the players. Usually officials are responsible for this.

There’s a thumb rule that you can follow to be on the safer side. Always inspect the field before the start of any game and look for puddles, rocks, potholes and debris. If you find any, make sure you bring it to the notice of the officials ASAP.

Injuries aren’t always avoidable. In case you encounter an excruciatingly painful one, make sure you do certain things to prevent further damage such as:

    ·Do not move too much. Wait for the medic to arrive.

    ·Keep calm if possible.

    ·Wait for the spine board to arrive in case the injury’s related to the spine or the leg. DO NOT put pressure on the injured spine/leg under any circumstances.

    ·Proper rest is the key to a quick recovery.

Just follow these tips as closely as possible and you’ll definitely see the benefits with the passage of time. Wish you a strong and healthy football career. Good luck!

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