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Features of best camping stoves

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, March 23, 2017

Camping is and an amazing adventurous trip to spend a quality holiday with friends or family. When going out for the picnic food is the basic component to spend a day.

Camping is and an amazing adventurous trip to spend a quality holiday with friends or family. When going out for the picnic food is the basic component to spend a day. For this purpose, some take prepared food with them while other prefers to cook fresh food during the camping time. For this purpose they take camping stove with themselves t enjoy the holiday with a freshly cooked meal. One can prefer the stove with the best feature and that provide ease during cooking. One must consider following features for the stove used during camping

Heat source

The heat source is an important component of the stove. It is important to prefer the stove that provides approximately 1 to 5 hours runtime. The gas used in these cylinders connected with the stove is propane. The amount of gas used in one hour is about 16 oz and for five hour runtime, it requires one pound gas.


Different sizes are available in the market that depends on the requirement of the user. One must take the stove that is suitable according to the number of family members going out for camping. The small unit is enough for the four people but if many family members or friends are going they can prefer large one. The basic property of these stoves is that they are foldable and the person can carry to any place easily. The size range from 14*9*16 inches to 21*12*9 inches. The large one can accommodate 14 inches frying pan on both burners easily.


The weight of the stove varies according to the size of the stove. The approximate weight range is 10 pounds to 35 pounds.


The burner specification is measured in British thermal unit. The stoves are available in 3000 BTU to 30,000 BTU. It depends on the requirement of the person which one he prefers.

Manufacturing material

The stoves are made of special alloy metals that prevent from rust or other damages due to weather conditions like rain, humidity, dust and bright sunlight.

Stove accessories

    ·Different stoves have different types of accessories attached with it. Some have grilling option while other has windscreen o three sides of the stove to prevent the flame from the wind.

    ·The stoves have a blue flame that provides excellent cooking option and the person can cook a variety of food on it. The manufacturers make the stove to provide the cooking temperature stability due to the use of high technology during manufacturing.

    ·Some stoves made for the camping purpose do not serve the user for cooking on the stove or flame but they have baking accessory attached with it. So those who love baked food can avail these baking stoves and carry them to the camping region.

    ·The oven racks are removable in most of the stoves so that the cleaning is easy and simple.

In order to explore more features of the camping stoves, one can visit the website for more info related to the camping stoves and its accessories.

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