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The Advantages of Using a Business Answering Service

by Stanley Thomas (writer), Los Angeles, March 23, 2017

There are many other advantages of using business answering services. These are mentioned in details below.

The common problem faced by most small businesses is the unavailability of people who can handle phone calls. Most businesses that cannot afford receptionists have direct phone numbers for the potential clients to make enquiry calls. Many a times it happens that a potential client call is missed either because it was after working hours or because the person who was supposed to answer the call was already busy on another call.

Never miss a sales call again

A permanent solution to this common problem is to use business answering services. These services will ensure that you phone lines are manned round the clock and no matter what time the client calls, there would be someone sitting at the other end of the line to greet the potential client, take down his queries and do the needful to convert that potential client to a real client.

There are many other advantages of using business answering services . These are mentioned in details below.

Professionalism on every call

By availing the business answering services, you can rest assured that all your potential and existing clients will be greeted and handled in the most professional way. The agents who will be answering the calls on the n=behalf of your business will not only sound professional, but they would also sound energetic and enthusiastic as well. This would be a huge benefit in building that confidence in the mind of the potential client.

No more irritating answering machines

No one likes to get answered by that annoying recoding of the answering machines. This is all the more true if the caller is a potential client. Getting an answering machine to answer the call will definitely not resolve his queries and chances are very high that he would turn away from you and dial your competitor’s number.

Save cost of voicemail

Voicemail subscriptions are not only expensive, but they do not provide the real-time customer satisfaction which is very much important in getting new business. By availing the business answering services, you would be able to save the expensive voicemail bills and dedicate that amount for other developments of the business.

You do not need a receptionist any longer

While deploying a receptionist at the front desk might add glamour to your business but you would no longer require one to answer your phone calls when you avail the services of a business answering service provider. A receptionist would not be available 24/7, but the agents of the business answering service agency would be available to take your clients’ phone calls round the clock, seven days a week.

Get good ROI for advertisements

What is the use of spending thousands of dollars on advertisements that attracts customers only to go away just because no one answered his phone call? With a business answering service agent live on the call, you would never face this situation where a potential client would walk off due to not being able to contact someone from your company. This would lead to better return on investments that you would have made on various advertisement campaigns.

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