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Shared Marin History September 21, 1985

by Kerry (writer), Sausalito, January 07, 2008

Shared history, when combined with love, lays out the whole basis for our understanding.

Understanding is the first step to acceptance and only with acceptance, can there be recovery from misunderstandings. Is alchemy a plausible explanation? Probably not.

I first met Jim and Ricky in February 1982. On September 21, 1985, that day brought me into the realm of extraordinary. That day is why I still today have an aesthetic protectiveness of my Marin lifestyle and partners. A wild and desolate Marin beach. I stand calmly in the surf-washed sand. My two male companions sprawl peacefully on the beach behind me. A lone seagull screams above. I feel contentment. The sand is moist and cool to my bare feet. Our footsteps have left small indentations in the sand. As I move forward into the surf, I feel the water is cold. The surf is only about three feet high as it curls in around me. It lightly foams bubbles as it languidly glides in and out from me. Every now and then, a bigger wave comes in. Each moves closer to my sleeping companions. I realize the tide is flooding. Salt spray tinges the air. I taste it upon my lips, and see it in the air. It is dense, heavy, and accompanied by an easy breeze. The air is laden with odors of seaweed washed ashore. My nose wrinkles with the scent.

It reminds me of a burlesque comedy - so obvious and yet so subtle. Suddenly my nose catches the aroma of burning driftwood. I turn in the flood of the surf as Ricky calls softly to me. He s awake and is teasing a flame into life as I watch. It sparks and jumps into a bonfire. Jim awakes. The three of us move closer, drawn to the warmth. Darkness slowly outlines the flames. I look beyond Ricky's eyes and see small sparks of stars peeking out from the sunset. The space above Ricky is so immense I grow dizzy trying to measure it. I turn to watch the fire. My space is now only the circle of light it generates. The three of us stand grinning comfortably at each other. Jim moves to stand closer to Ricky and I. Suddenly there is fire in the sky. Wow, it's a meteor!

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By Marian Levy on October 24, 2009 at 05:31 pm

After reading this, I'm now desperate for an ocean fix.

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