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Some Options of Best Tablets for College Students

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, March 10, 2017

What would be the best tablet for college students? College kids today need something rather sophisticated to help them with their college tasks and works.

What would be the best tablet for college students? College kids today need something rather sophisticated to help them with their college tasks and works. Forget the old school pencil and paper method because there is no such a thing – it is pretty old school, you know? College kids today bring laptops, tablets, and other digital devices that can note down, record videos or sounds, and other things to make things simpler and easier. And laptops are getting old too – mostly because of the weight and often the rather big size. Tablets are considered more ideal. This is one of the main reasons why the tablet market is still popular today.

Some of The Best Options

The best tablet is the one that fits your preference, whether it is a generous storage space, a good graphic card, or sharp image with detailed pixel. Some tablets may be quite affordable and cheap with limited features and spec but some are pretty sophisticated with a rather high end performance and feature. For instance, Transformer T100HA from Asus is pretty impressive. It is rather small with ‘only’ 10 inch of display screen but it is enough for typing, taking notes, and other general stuff. The good thing about this tablet/laptop is the already installed Windows 10; not to mention the cool docking keyboard. It is running on quad core processor that is powerful enough for college students’ needs. The battery life can last for 12 hours, which isn’t bad after all.

Another handy tablet that is good for college students is Galaxy Tab S2 from Samsung. No, it is not a hybrid tablet-laptop device but it is able to do impressive work, thanks to the nice octa core processor. It may not be the tablet for design graphic or whatsoever but it is able to tackle general tasks and work. The AMOLED screen is super impressive. It is also a light tablet with flexible portability. It only comes in 9.7 inch display screen but with 86 pounds weight, you can always pack the device and carry it around easily.

Further Options

What about a device from Apple? Why not, then? With iPad Air 2 from Apple, not only you can look stylish and catchy, this device certainly delivers a great punch – not to mention convenient portability. After all, you can be sure that Apple’s devices are known for their good quality and performance, right? The bright retina display technology will surely improve your experience. And the battery life is pretty good; this device is able to last up to 10 hours.

Do you want another hybrid tablet/laptop device? Why not considering Satellite Click 10 from Toshiba? Once you remove the device from the keyboard dock, it becomes a tablet. But when you need a small laptop, you only need to use the dock. College students will find this device handy since it has been installed with Office Mobile program. With USB ports (two of them) and 32Gb flash memory, this tablet can be super helpful. If you are thinking about getting the best tablet for college for your need, consider this one and it will satisfy you to the greatest extent.

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