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Make Money by Installing a Used ATM Machines

by Stanley Thomas (writer), Los Angeles, March 16, 2017

You can either buy or lease to own an ATM. Lease charges are usually very low and range from $75 - $80 per month.

How many times it has happened to you that you walked into a small store ATM, withdrew the money and while coming back your eyes fell on a product in the store which you eventually bought. You had no plans to buy the product but just because you happened to see it, you bought it. Such things must have happened not once, but multiple times in your life, right? If you are nodding your head and thinking that this is a problem of your shopaholic habit, you are mistaken.

Studies show that people who have access to ATM machines tend to spend 25% more than those who do not have access to ATMs. That is why many small businesses are strategically keeping ATM machines on their premises so that they can attract more people towards their store, half of them ending up buying goods which they never had plans to buy before.

Other benefits of keeping ATM machines

You just learned about the major benefit – you get more customers at your store, thereby increasing your sales manifolds. In addition to that, you would never need to accept checks from your customers and stand the risk of it bouncing off. With an ATM machine in close proximity, you can always advise your customers to withdraw money and pay you in cash.

Keeping an ATM machine in the store also enhances customer experience big time. Customers really appreciate the convenience that you are offering them by installing an ATM machine right next to them. It will also encourage them to buy more products than they had actually planned for. If someone is carrying an ATM card and he or she spots an ATM machine right inside the store, automatically he would not worry about the cash that he is carrying with him. Instead, the customer would buy products at his will because he knows that in case he falls short of cash, he can withdraw some quick cash from the ATM and pay the bill at the counter.

Another great way of making money through ATM is the fees that would be generated from each ATM transaction. As the owner of the ATM machine, you would be claiming that transaction fee from the bank which would serve as an extra earning opportunity for your business

Buy used ATM machines

When it comes to installing ATM machines in small businesses, it is good to opt for used ATM machines . The price difference between new and used ATM machines is quite significant and that is why it is recommended that small businesses should install used ATM machines only.

Now that you can easily understand how economical the used machines are and how beneficial they are in your effort to make money, you should not waste any more time but look for a reliable vendor and place the order for your own used ATM machine now

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