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Tara's Kitchen

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, January 04, 2008


How to visit Nepal without leaving Los Angeles.

If your like me, I love to try new ethnic food. When I lived in the Bay area I met some Nepalese students who introduced me to the food of their native homeland, and took me to a good but pricey Tibet/Nepal restaurant. However, they worked the so the perks were awesome, yes that means free food.

A few months within moving to Los Angeles, I was craving this food. While driving around I spotted a place called Katmandu kitchen. However for some unknown reason, I never got there.

Two years later, I decided to try to find that place with a friend. We had picked a fabulous night, as we were the only ones in the joint. Not always a good sign. Turns out that it was their first day remodeling the place, expanding and renaming of the the kitchen and the owner herself was serving. It is now renamed Tara's Kitchen. Yes you guessed it her, name is Tara.

The food is out of this world!! It's a bit like Indian food, but not quite as spicy or hot. I knew I had hit a jackpot of a place, when she gave us free chai (tea) and a free dessert. She is very very hospitalable and friendly. The next week was Diwali and she invited my friend and I to a celebration. I had brought my boyfriend some Bhindi (and okra dish) home and his eyes lit up and suggested that I take him there for his birthday. He is from India and said it was the closest thing to his moms.

The atmosphere is very peaceful and if you need to relax after a stressfull day, this is it! The background music is a lull that makes you want to go out and learn how to meditate. The best thing is that she will remember you when you come back! I will say don't be in a rush if you go to this place.

So for all you adventurous eaters... try it out, and if you are unsure, ask her for a suggestion, and if you are worried about it being all vegetarian or not enough vegetarian, this restuarant has something for everyone.

Tara's Kitchen

10855 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90034

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By Steven Lane on January 04, 2008 at 06:33 pm
Yum, I definitely will try it when I get out that way. Good food and no hospital, lol. A good thing.
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By wolviela on January 04, 2008 at 06:57 pm

Damnit and I thought I got all the spelling errors out.

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