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Questions effective leaders should ask their employees

by Leslie White (writer), , March 06, 2017

The question and answer round is often considered to be the most interesting on game shows.

The question and answer round is often considered to be the most interesting on game shows. Think about the importance of the same and you will soon realize the fact that it is an opportunity to get a piece of other person's mind. Look at it as a leader, and you will realize that it is an opportunity for you to understand your employees, make them understand the company culture and grow your business ultimately.

If you have never thought about it in the past, start with the following questions and get going.

1. What are your personal goals?

When an employee works for your company, money is definitely the driving force for most of them. However, there might be more to it. With this question, you will be in a position to know whether they will turn out to be an asset for your company or not.

2. Do you think that working for this company will help you achieve your goals?

People are most stimulated by the work that may contribute to their future success. They will try to trick you, and this means you will have to constantly look at them in order to figure out whether their answers are genuine. As per Swapnil K., Marketing analysts at VoucherBin- “Managers should do 1:1 with their team members at least every other week, by making them understand their career success matters to you. If you really want them to have successful careers, managers need to grasp that they won’t work for them forever. An effective leader would be helping team members accomplish their aspirations; they will do just about anything for you.”

3. What should the company do in order to serve employees better?

Remember that employees are a part of your team and they are the basis for which you are making commitments to your clients. This means that you should constantly give them a reminder that you are willing to do everything possible in order to make them feel comfortable in the office. In short, asking this particular question can demonstrate your dedication towards employees.

4. What are the major issues you are facing in the company?

Every employee has complaints in some form or the other, and if they say that they are totally satisfied with the atmosphere and everything in your office, they are probably lying. We are not saying that you cannot be perfect, but every employee has the tendency to complain about something or the other. So, make sure that you learn about it and if it is important to make necessary amendments, assure them that the same will be done at the earliest.

5. How can we serve our clients better?

Many employees usually have created initiatives that can help in serving the clients better. However, they do not find the right channels through which they can communicate the same to you.

This is an opportunity for them to let you know what is on their mind and how they can help you serve your customers better. Employees usually feel proud about spotting ways in which they can help the company in any possible way.

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