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How to choose a Wing Chun Dummy

by Sunder Singh (writer), Noida, March 02, 2017

What is Wing Chun Dummy is the first question you are likely to encounter when you talk about it to people who don't have an idea about it. Well, Wing Chun Dummy is a practice tool for fighting.

If you are interested in martial art Wing Chun, then you will also know that Wing Chun Dummy is a great training tool for getting the perfection in skills and techniques. But, when it comes to buying one, it's not easy at all.

A wooden Wing Chun Dummy is definitely worth your investment and a reliable source. If you want to buy one, then you should read further to get a reliable and high-quality tool. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying Wing Chun Dummy:-


Price is a huge selection criterion when it comes to buying any product. It isn't tough to invest more money on a single thing, but the question is, is it worth the money? Buy a Wing Chun Dummy which is worth your money and has all the good features like quality and durability.

Type of Mounting

There are three types of the mount in the Wing Chun Dummy, and you should know which type you want. The types are - Traditional Mounting, free standing, and wall mounting. There is no particular type of mounting which is considered as best, and it ultimately depends on your choice. Many people prefer traditional mounting because it offers higher stability than others. Also, it takes huge space and when the training space isn't more then check out smaller ones. Wall mounting Wing Chun Dummies is smaller in size and has a respectable stability. Freestanding bags are not much stable, but they are easy to move it.


The material of the dummy is one of the important factors when it comes to choosing Wing Chun Dummies. Wood is a common and popular type of material used in the dummies. There are several choices when it comes to wood too. Wooden dummy from a soft wood are reasonable in price, but if you can invest a bit more then you can go for hardwood dummy. If you are going to practice a countless number of times, then hardwood makes an excellent choice. Hardwoods like oak, teak, ash and maple are good choices.


Size matters if you don't want to stuff your limited training space with a huge Wing Chun Dummy. You have to be choosy when it comes to size and select a Wing Chun Dummy which fits in perfectly and matches your requirements. It's important to buy a dummy which fits in a hassle free. Extra space in the training room is needed for good practice.

Arms: Parallel/Uneven

Many people prefer parallel arms because you can train on both the sides equally. Though its great if you can practice on both, if you need to choose one then parallel makes a better choice. Check out your preferences and if you don't have one, then go for the parallel choice.

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