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Is an Online Business Administration Doctorate Worth It?

Online and correspondence courses sometimes receive bad press or are seen as a desperate alternative for those who couldn’t get into a ‘real’ college.

But with education costs increasing and more students needing to fit their studies around work and family commitments, online courses are becoming an increasingly attractive option for those people. An online doctorate in business administration from California Baptist University takes as little as three years to complete and requires only one online class every eight weeks, ideal for those who can’t afford to take time out of their lives to attend college.

Why a Doctorate?

An MBA or even just a Bachelor’s degree is enough for most small business owners. Some successful entrepreneurs have even done well with very little formal education. But they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. US News says that since the world of business has become increasingly complicated, an MBA doesn’t always cut it any longer and a DBA provides the boost that many business administrators need.

A doctorate can also help you to fast track to upper level management and executive positions, as well as roles in finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, and operations management, according to The higher salaries can help to pay off the course fees much quicker. These skills are highly prized amongst banks, research organizations, and large businesses. You can also use them to start or grow your own business.

Course Advantages

Some of the advantages of the CBU online doctorate are:

  • Catered around working adults
  • Meet professional needs in a modern business environment
  • Can be completed in as little as three years
  • Financial aid available
  • Plenty of resources available
  • Grow your business network

Is It Right For Me?

A DBA (doctorate in business administration) according to Doctor of Business Administration Compass, differs from a PhD in that it is focused towards people who are already successful in business, rather than those with an academic career goal. Think of it this way: A PhD studies business while a DBA runs a business.

The course is aimed towards those who already run, or have run, businesses and want to meet a new challenge or stand apart from other industry leaders. This provides much more of a ‘learn by doing’ approach rather than spending years working on essays and dissertations. Some DBA holders do go into teaching and use their real world experience to assist future business leaders, but it isn’t a requirement.

The flexibility of working toward an online doctorate in business administration also provides plenty of time to work on the business while gaining the degree, even applying lessons to help the business grow further. There is no need to worry about being stuck behind a desk for years and losing out on real world business experiences, as you can do both at the same time.

If you think that an online course in business administration is right for you, check out the online prospectus or contact a member of staff today to find out more. It could well be the boost you need to begin or advance your business career to the next level.

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