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Britney Spears - Get-ting Back

by Dufty21 (writer), England, January 03, 2008


After a very stressful year for our Britney, you would of thought that her new album 'Blackout' would really just sum up her year! Wrong people!

Britney is back bitch! Better than ever, with some great chart topper tracks including 'Gimmie More' 'Piece of Me' and the upcomming single 'Radar'!

The bumber side though is that its told that Britney is filming a music video for an unrealised track named 'Get Back'! The track is super amazing and has been edited over 3x!!! Now finnally finshed and completed Britney has now had second thoughts and is saying she should have put the track on the new album 'Blackout'!

Britney has now announced that this year 2008, 'Blackout' will return, but with 2 disks with all the tracks she didn't feature! 'Get Back' is an amazing song and the press are almost certain that she is filming a video!

'Get Back' is avalible to download NOW by visiting! For the future of Britney, its looking alot brighter!

Look out for 'Piece Of Me' CD Single Comming out on January 8th!

Upcomming Singles:

Break The Ice
Get Back

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