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Curable and Non-Curable STDs: Stay safe and healthy

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, February 24, 2017

Many STDs are curable but some of then are incurable but they are treatable. STDs disease spread during sexual contact and more than 1 million STIs are acquired every day

There are plenty of different STDs around. People that are suffering from it are increasing in number with each passing day. And with most of them longing for as long as a person’s life, some of them actually have a cure. The main cause behind these diseases is some sort of bacteria or parasites or viruses, and not all of them are incurable. Here, we have a list of curable STDs and the ones that cannot be treated.

Curable STDs

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases for which treatment is available include:

• Chlamydia: It is a disease caused by bacteria and can be cured by the help of antibiotics.

• Gonorrhea: This is another problem which occurs because of bacteria and like chlamydia, it can also be treated with the help of antibiotic. However, there are certain rare cases in which the bacteria involving this problem has developed some sort of resistance to antibiotics making it difficult to cure.

• Trichomoniasis: It is also known as Trich. The parasite Oprotozoan is responsible for causing it. You can make use of antibiotics for its elimination.

• Syphilis: Syphilis has multiple stages which make it difficult to detect and hard to eliminate. You can treat it easily with the help of penicillin whether it is in primary or secondary stages. The increasing of dosage will be done for the later stages. This problem can create a great amount of disturbance in the internal organs of the body if it is left uncured. The damage done by it will not be reversed.

• Scabies: Scabies are the mites that are transmitted from physical contact i.e. skin to skin. You can kill it with the help of body washes and shampoos. However, they tend to keep living on towels and beddings. So, you must clean everything appropriately.

• Pubic lice: Also known as the crabs, public lice is another problem that one can treat with the help of prescription washes. However, like scabies, you also have to clean the surroundings such as clothing, bedding, etc.

Non-curable STDs

There are certain STDs that do not have any cure to this date. These include:

• Oral herpes: Oral Herpes are also known as the cold sores. They are caused due to HSV 1 and HSV 2 virus. At times, it gets active, and at times it remains inactive. However, the virus may spread even when it is not active.

• Genital Herpes: The lesions on genitals or in the surroundings are due to genital herpes and is mostly because of HSV 2 virus strain. However, the HSV 1 can also play its role in causing this issue. Like oral herpes, it also has active and inactive stages.

• HIV AIDS: One of the most common, well known and non-curable STDs is the HIV-AIDS. It is HIV at initial stages and develops further into AIDS which is not treated. It affects the immune system of a person and makes it hard for your body to fight with various illnesses. You may like to have the antiretroviral therapy which slows down the viral infection spreading and elongates the life.

• Other: The other non-curable STDs include HBV, HCV, and HPV.

Above is the list of curable STDs and the ones that cannot be treated. Always ensure that you are using the protective measures to keep the problems away from you.

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