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How to Recover Deleted Messages from Gmail

by herbertp343 (writer), , February 22, 2017

Doesn't matter how and when you deleted, you can retrieve the necessary emails using the procedures mentioned.Mainly being checking the trash folder.

What can be more stressful than deleting an important email accidentally and then realizing it later after some time? Most of the emails are recoverable and not gone forever. You can follow these steps for getting back your email. There are many options to get back your mail which includes exploring Trash folder and using a recovery software, and it is not limited to these. Doesn't matter how and when you deleted, you can retrieve the necessary emails using the procedures mentioned.Mainly being checking the trash folder.

1) Trash folder still stores many of deleted Emails

Many people aren't aware of this fact, when you delete an email, it will mostly go to the Trash folder before it heads for a permanent deletion. Depending upon the time limit, it stays for a while, but most of the email services like Gmail maintain for 30 days.

  • Open your gmail, click on 'more' in the left sidebar.
  • Click on 'Trash' and search for the file you want.

By checking trash, you will also get back all the important emails you have deleted recently.

2) Scan through the emails in Inbox

If your inbox is spammed with a lot of emails and is crowded most of the time, then take out time and see. Isn't search if you remember any different words. In this way, you will discover your lost email. The search function helps in the sorting the inbox emails by date, topic and with many ways of sorting.

  • Search the mail subject, keywords, and sender's address.

3) Check the different categories or labels

Gmail categories emails under various labels like Primary, Social, Promotions, and many. The chances are high that your mail is probably somewhere among the categories. Even in cases when you got a mail but can't find, check through them or if you still find it tricky and confusing, click on 'More' and select 'All Mail.' You will see all your emails there.

4) Contact the Gmail Help Service

If your email has been deleted from the trash folder too then, there are very fewer chances of getting it back. However, you needn't have to give up on it altogether. You can contact the help of Gmail or communicate with the customer care for getting back the emails you have accidentally deleted. Don't give up and contact them immediately.

No Trash folder?

If you didn't see the trash folder, it might have been hidden from display. Check out the "Settings (Cog icon) above the emails and click on it. Scroll down until the Labels and click on the "Trash" show button. This will let you see the trash folder now, and you can see if your email is in there.

In case you can't find your emails even in the trash folder, then you might have deleted it from there too, or it might be more than 30 days old. You can request the Gmail Support for recovering the deleted emails back. You can fill out a request form with the mandatory details, and give a short description of the issue.

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