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7 most popular extracurricular to do on weekends in 2017

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , February 22, 2017

Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the growth and development of individuals of all ages.

Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the growth and development of individuals of all ages. These activities allow you to remain physically fit in a fun and enjoyable manner. Whereas people turn some of these engagements into a full time or part time profession, you can use them to pass time during weekends. Here are some examples of seven most popular extra curricular to do on weekends in 2017.


I find football to be the most popular extracurricular activity to do on weekends. The advantage with soccer is that the rules for the game are not difficult. We watch people playing soccer in various leagues every weekend and trying to adapt it is not very hard. You can have a team within your locality and organize for a timetable on how you will be visiting other teams every weekend.

You don’t have to be in an official league for you to play soccer on weekends. You can just have friendly matches even with friends from your locality. Another advantage with soccer is that both men and women can play the game. I have come across mixed teams especially during weekend fun days. You can play football on weekends with your family members, friend, work colleagues or church members just to name a few. All you need is fun and soccer we offer you a limit less portion of the same.

Basket Ball

Basketball is another extra-curricular activity that is ideal for a fulfilling weekend. However, this game is a bit complicated in comparison to soccer. You will require some bit of training if you wish to become a skilled basket batter. However, it is a very enjoyable activity once you learn the rules of the game. You can be spending some of your weekend time to sharpen your skills in basketball.

The advantage of playing basketball on weekends is that you can turn it into a part time profession. You may find yourself generating some extra income from this activity. It also comes with a lot of health benefits as it exposes the body to some physical exercise. You can even play this game alone in the pitch as you practice to bounce the ball and score the goal. However, it is more interesting to have sessions with other people. Basketball remains to be one of the most popular extra-curricular activities to do with friends on weekends.


Gymnastics is another popular extra-curricular activity to do on weekends. The only challenge with this activity is that it requires a lot of flexibility. You should stretch and warm up properly to allow your body to become flexible and fluid. You can master some basic gymnastic moves while preventing injury.

The first step could be to warm up your body muscles with cardio for 15 minutes. Make sure you enjoy this exercise as it can be repetitive. You can choose to walk upstairs, run on a machine or just jog as you slowly loosen your muscles for more vigorous activities. You can also add jumping jacks, knee jumps and squats to increase the intensity of your warmup and blood flow.

You could also form a bridge for stretching your back. Lay with your back on the ground, hands palms down as fingers point on your feet and palms and knees bent. You should look as if you are about to crawl on your back but lift your back off to create a bridge as you push down through your feet and palms. You could also use the runner’s stretch to stretch your lower body among other exercises. All you want are simple exercises that will assist you to do simple gymnastics over the weekend.

Axe Throwing

This is a sporting activity in which the competitor throws an axe towards a particular target. The player attempts to hit the bull’s eye as close as possible. There are several commercial locations that allow participants to compete in hitting the bull’s eye especially over weekends.

The target typically 36 inches wide, comprises of five rings that have a width of 4 inches. The outside ring has a single point, the next one two, then three, four and the bull’s eye has five points.

The distance of the target to the throwing line should be 21 feet or 6.1 meters but some associations conduct competition from 15 to 30 foot. You score the axe for the value of the outermost ring that it touches. Each player is given five scores in a single game for a maximum of 25 points. The person throwing should not step of the throwing line before the axe misses or hits the target. Stepping on the line will earn you zero points and a special target for practice throws should be availed before the competition. Any player who practices on the competition target receives automatic disqualification.

Cheer Leading

Competitive cheer leading occurs when cheering squads compete against each other in a completion. Each team can have about two and a half minutes to perform routine music that encompasses tumbling, jumps, and stunts. A panel of team experts will judge each team depending on execution and difficulty. The winner in each division gets bragging rights and a trophy. It is a wonderful extracurricular activity to do on weekends in 2017 as you have a lot of fun.


Lacrosse is an excellent contact team sport that is played between two teams by making use of a small rubber ball and a long handed stick known as the lacrosse stick. The men’s version of this game is a bit rough with intense checks and slashes to the body and stick. The head of this stick is stung with loose mesh to enable it catch and hold the loose the lacrosse ball. There are several ways of putting mesh on the head stick and this is an excellent weekend extracurricular activity.


Skiing is a form of recreational, transport activity and a competitive winter sport. The participant must learn to use skis to glide on snow. The international Olympic committee organizes several types of skiing events but you can take the activity as a hobby as you have some nice moments with friends. It is an excellent suggestion if you are looking for activities to do on weekends.

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