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Here’s What Makes The Nag1 Transmission Fantastic For Rides

by Saniabaker425 (writer), California, February 19, 2017

Nag1 Transmission has been gaining immense popularity of late, owing to its higher torque capacity, affordability and value added features. It is even said to be the perfect choice for Riders.

The Car which has hotrod powered by HEMI can easily push torque nearly to 1000hp-1350hp with Transmission. Apart from the features as mentioned above, there are many other things that contribute to making Nag 1 transmission, the best transmission.

The Nag 1 comes with five-speed overdrive, automatically shifted involuntary transmission which also has a torque converter lockup. It was pioneered to substitute 722.3/722.4/722.5 four-speed transmissions. Given its immensely higher torque and affordability, it is now used for the turbocharged engines, 4-cylinder applications as well as many commercial vehicles.

Let us here, Take a look at the 5 most important features that make Nag1 the best transmission to invest in:

Soaring Flow Filter

NAG1 transmission filter uses synthetic media and has a bypass valve. It comes with a huge dirt haulage capability, which helps in the consistent use of the transmission for longer durations sans any overhaul breaks. No matter whether it is a light-duty or heavyweight application, the soaring flow filter of Nag 1 transmission brings out the finest of results.

High Energy Clutches

Another important feature is the high energy clutches, which help to engage and disengage transmission, power, particularly from driving duct to the driven duct in a much faster pace. The highly powered clutches boost the resistance surface at the same time ensuring that clutch pack clearance or steel plate thickness is not forfeited.

Torrington Bearings

Moving on, the next vital feature of the nag1 transmission happens to be the supreme bearings hailing from Torrington. Contrary to flat-type, hard-edged bronze or steel washers one uses commonly in models, nag1 comes with the thrust-type bearings that have many small needle rollers arranged radically within a lock, which makes it capable of bearing heavy loads.

Cryogenic Components

Nag 1 transmission components undergo cryogenic temperatures that make them more capable of removing lingering stresses whilst enhancing wear resistance. This process even improves oxidization resistance of components by shifting the micro-fine carbides.

Cryogenically treated components tend to give enhanced performance in severe conditions and these also hold longer lifespan.

Better Oil Pan

Last but definitely not the least here, transmissions, in general, require staying correctly lubricated to act upon without fault. And the process of lubrication, as well as cooling of the fluid, is all stored in the oil pan. The enhanced design of nag1 transmission oil pan makes sure that the transmission is always lubricated. As it has sufficient fluid to keep it lubricated, it apparently allows the transmission to give improved performance exclusive of any collapses or damages.

All these features contribute to making this transmission highly popular, and effective for use. Also, while buying a transmission, you should always make sure that you are buying it from a reputed service provider. You can end your hunt for the perfect transmission at, one of the leading transmission providers.

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