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by C.V. Harris (writer), U.S.A., December 29, 2007

Writer's opinion regarding "procrastination."

Why is it that so many of us have achievable dreams and aspirations for our future yet we fail to take the necessary steps in order to make those imaginings our reality? Are you one of those people? What about the ever-popular New Year’s Resolution? Ever resolve to quit smoking and soon after you find yourself still puffing away long after that particular New Year’s has come and gone? Afterward you bask in feelings of disappointment and hopelessness because when you made that resolution you really thought you could adhere to it.

After all, you meant to quit wholeheartedly when you said you would didn’t you? Let’s face it, you assumed quitting was something you could do otherwise you would never have made the declaration to quit, am I right? Anything worthwhile does not come easily. There will always be some price to pay.

Whenever I make a promise to myself and I fall short I get dreadfully embarrassed to MYSELF. I feel ashamed that I let MYSELF down. I am the one that I must impress first-and-foremost before I ever attempt to astonish another. If I try to ignore the task that I didn’t complete in the first place, it eats away at me until I end up tackling the deed in completion. I don’t know what type of behavior or mindset that is, but whatever it is, it surely keeps me motivated and on the straight and narrow in terms of meeting my objectives. It might take a minute for me to get there, but what matters most is that “I get there”.

I have always been a “big dreamer” and just within the last couple of years I’ve begun to act upon those dreams taking needed steps to make them authentic. I believe that most of us rarely do what we need to do rather we often do what we want to do. People don’t realize the necessity in suffering for the short term to be happy in the long term.

Anyway, I’m always coming up with these self-proclaimed goals that I set for myself. If I go for a period of time and I don’t have something going on i.e., saving for something, creating something, preparing for something, exercising and challenging myself, or taking some class, or course or ANYTHING to make me feel as though I am continually progressing, it drives me bananas! Actually, I get very gloomy and begin to feel as though I merely exist as opposed to actively living. I’m always conscious of my progressions and regressions in my life. Don’t ask me how or why I am this way, I just know that I am.

I am no different than anyone else except that I am ALWAYS motivated. Let's call it being motivationally grounded. I like that one. I think what keeps me moving in the “go” lane is fear. Fear of being hungry, of being homeless or it could very well be that I am a mover and shaker simply for my own edification. I continually challenge myself and it is the life game that I've created for myself, or so it seems. Nonetheless, I am grateful that I am this way I tell ya that. I could be a whole lot worse.

I think a lot of us fall short of reaching our goals because we fail to properly plan to succeed. From the moment one says “I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking”, should be when one begins to put mental planning in motion in terms of what sacrifices you’re gonna make to help your reach your goal. If you want to quit smoking you know you must go through some sort of withdrawal. So what. If you can go one day without smoking, quitting permanently can definitely be achieved. I should know. I smoked for ten years and I quit. It was difficult, but I did it! I persisted and it paid off. But unfortunately, most of us don’t properly plan hence, we fail. But try and try again you must!

Never let another person’s opinion of you or their opinions of your failed efforts dissuade you from consistently trying to clench your goal. A person’s impression of you should never matter more than the impression you have of yourself. EVER!! Otherwise, you are headed for inevitable doom. The power of believing in self is amazing!!!

We must dream BIG and think even BIGGER in this life. Position our minds to accomplish that which is seemingly unattainable to the naked eye. Our body and spirit will follow the passageway that our psyche has created. Self-fulfilling prophecy it’s called. The difference between those that reach their goals and those that fall short, are the ones that accomplish their goals already knew that they could, and they behaved as though their prize was already attained way before they made any real physical attempt to reach it. Reaching the goal began in their minds FIRST. Those that fail to reach their ambition never envisioned their goal as being a reality thus; they never truly BELIEVED that their goals were achievable in the first place.

We must get in a comfort zone mirroring the talk of those that have claimed success. We also need to familiarize ourselves with the strut that is mimicked by those who are triumphant in authenticating their dreams. Each of us will be no bigger tomorrow than the realities we create for ourselves today. The prospect for success is only postponed by the way YOU view YOUR victories. Your likelihood for accomplishment can be limitless if you’ll just think BIG. Everything is a mindset and BIG is…… BIG does. What’ve you got to loose? Might as well think BIG. Or would you rather think small? That doesn’t even look right in print nor does it sound logical. Tell ya what. You choose. Me? I’m thinking BIG.

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