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Sci-Fi Diets Are Becoming a Reality

by The Wedding Cards On (writer), , February 17, 2017

Here are a few examples of foods and brain boosting supplements that were once only seen in the movies but may soon be part of our regular diet.

For whatever reason, people are excited by the idea of having things they see in science-fiction movies becoming a part of reality. This includes food, which according to sci-fi movies, will be much different in the future. Believe it or not, certain aspects of sci-fi movies have already started to make their way into our diets.

Here are a few examples of foods and brain boosting supplements that were once only seen in the movies but may soon be part of our regular diet.


The movie Soylent Green wasn’t exactly an optimistic prediction at the future of food. However, the Soylent meal replacement powder is making incredible strides towards becoming a legitimate form of sustenance. The company that developed the product claims it has all the same nutrients that would be part of any other healthy diet.

The idea behind Soylent is to eliminate all of the waste that goes along with food production in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, etc. It could also help us reduce the need to raise livestock and grow crops as cheaply as possible just to feed everyone.

Soylent, at least at this point, isn’t designed to replace every meal. However, its promotional material claims it “can replace any meal.” We obviously need more research to know if this is really a long-term solution, but it’s certainly an intriguing possibility straight out of science-fiction.

Lab Created Meat

Getting meat from a laboratory instead of slaughtering animals for it is no longer just a sci-fi fantasy. In recent years, several labs throughout the world have started to created meat in a controlled setting. Initial reports are that this “cultured meat” tastes quite similar to the real thing, which is obviously the most important thing, right?

There are several benefits to lab-grown meat. For starters, it would dramatically reduce the amount of water needed to grow meat, helping to save an important resource. It would also decrease the amount of greenhouse-gas emissions produced by livestock. There are also studies that indicate cultured meat would be healthier for us.

It’s still a little early to imagine a world in which all of our meat comes from a lab. However, we could start to see more and more products that utilize cultured meat in the years to come.


On the surface, the thought of eating insects isn’t all that appealing. However, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, certain insects have nutritional value. They are apparently a good source of protein, in addition to including many of the amino acids and vitamins that humans need to have in their diets.

Raising insects for the purpose of food also requires far fewer resources than typical livestock. This also eases the burden on the environment. Of course, you don’t want to go out and starting eating any insect you find. Researchers are still working on identifying the types of insects that are best used as a source of food.

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