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Making Laminate Flooring Waterproof

by herbertp343 (writer), , February 16, 2017

If you are going for laminate flooring, you have to consider certain options for making your floor waterproof.

If a comparison is made between the hard flooring and laminate flooring, then it is recommended that the laminate flooring is a better option as compared to hard wood flooring. It is in fact much cheaper and also mimics and hard wood floor. In addition to this taking up of the laminate floor, laying it down and maintaining it is not as tough a job as it is with hard wood floor. Laminate floors are also a good option because these floors not only give an elegant look to your interior but are also make a better option especially when it comes to durability and avoiding fuss or muss.

Although there are many advantages of the laminate flooring but there is one major drawback and that regarding to its non-waterproof nature. There are certain materials used in the making of laminate which swell up when it gets wet. Although it may not be a big deal if this exposure to moisture is just for a while or on a short term basis but it can be really problematic and can destroy the whole structure of the laminate if it is exposed to moisture on frequent basis or for a longer period of time.

In severe cases the chipping and splintering of wood is seen because it swells up and gets large enough as compared to the area where it was installed. These entire factors combine together to give the floor a cheap look. If the floor is decamped and destroyed to a huge extent, then it can also cause much serious hazard. Therefore if you are going for laminate flooring, you have to consider certain options for making your floor waterproof.

1.Buy the laminate flooring which is already made water proof:

If the home owners are going to install the flooring then this could be a suitable option for them but if they already have laminate flooring installed then this may not be a feasible option for them to consider because they may have to bear a lot of expenditure on pulling up the old flooring and then starting with the new one from scratch. Similarly renovating r building a home in a humid area will definitely demand installation of waterproof laminate flooring.

2. Sealing and locking mechanism of laminate flooring:

If you do not want to change the whole floor, then you can also go for another option which is the sealing of pores and spots on the floor where the planks of laminate meet with each other. If you make these gaps water proof, then it can be of great benefit and can help you out in achieving a waterproof floor for a long time.

This task can be done by applying the floor sealant which is available at the home improvement stores. Another notable fact about these sealants is that these are not meant for gluing the planks together. In this way it is easy for you to lift the floor when required.

3. Looking for any expansion gap and sealing it:

Usually the risk of water damage is the greatest at the points of expansion gaps. Main problem with these expansion gaps is that one cannot seal them completely and therefore they will be a source of seepage and leakage all the time. In these cases it is better to caulk the expansion gaps especially those present along the walls and fixtures. This action can help in keeping the laminate flooring at the peak condition and can run a long way. Even if the cracks of floors are small, they can be vulnerable to water leakage therefore it is very important to caulk them. If by any chance you live in canton and wants a transition to a Laminate Flooring then you may need to see flooring companies in canton Michigan for professional advice.

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