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How to Use Content to Revive Dormant Leads

by famousbloggerq (writer), , February 15, 2017

Re-engaging the Dead: How to Use Content to Revive Dormant Leads

Pursuing leads – finding and closing them – is a common task for any marketing department, regardless of the industry. But staying close to your prospective customers, via email, content, newsletter or even social media, is a joint effort in any given company.

And, while every marketer was faced at least once with the reality than even the hottest leads eventually do get cold, it doesn’t mean that you should quit when that happens. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to re-engage a lead that has be previously qualified than to acquire and nurture new leads.

So. how do you resuscitate old valid contacts and prospects, when common follow-up and persistence tactics don’t seem to be enough? The answer is: providing the right content.

Look for a More Subtle Tool

You might have accessed your CRM (Customer Relation Management) data every time you were about to launch a new product or renew and update an old one. In such a case, notifying prospective buyers about it, is the first thing to do. Additionally, resorting to social media and employing smart content marketing techniques raise the stakes and make your efforts widely known.

But, you shouldn’t think of your prospects just when there is a specific item or service to sell. Carefully targeted content is a long-term and effective tool that not only arouses sudden interest when the occasion requires, but also nurtures leads and maintain subtle continuous contact with them. When potential clients are used to reading posts and articles bearing the company’s name on a regular basis, they are more likely to turn from a dormant lead to an active consumer when you need them to do so.

Tips & Tricks

Yes, content can indeed do the trick, without the prospect being bothered by too many calls, offers, and advertisements that can eventually annoy him. But you might say that some industries are not as appealing or exciting to write about as others, or that being creative has its limitations.. Well, we are here to fight this misconception and argue that the way you choose and use your words can awaken any dormant spirit. And here is how:

?Learn Their Language: when you understand who your prospect is, learn to speak his/her language. The most powerful message, in this case, is the one that resonates and seems very familiar. So instead of showing off your extensive vocabulary skills, it’s best to focus on the words your leads tends to use, no matter how simple or common they are.

?The Solidarity Factor: when you start writing, do so with your prospect in mind. Telling them about a product that is a solution to their problem will not be very impressing unless you demonstrate that you really understand their need. Create a similar context story that your lead can easily relate to and be as detailed and careful to ensure their trust.

?A Glimpse of Vulnerability:addressing your readers and prospective clients with authority might indicate you know your business very well, but can also result in coming across as a superior party, which can totally turn your odds against you. By choosing to write a story where you integrate both achievements and mistakes, and how the latter served you as lessons to be learned, will make you human and reliable.

?The fuel of Passion: how passionately you write about something transcends the virtual so-called emotionless screen. Do what a content writing service would and instead of writing “happy” use “exhilarating” or any other adjectives such as “breathtaking” or “mind-numbingly” that can vividly describe a feeling. Note that the most powerful piece of writing brings about a change in senses and emotions on the part of the reader, so go exactly with that.

?Break the Rules: tying in with the passionate argument above, this means you can allow yourself to be a bit of a rebel when it comes to writing. Using everyday expressions like “Hell yeah!”, starting a sentence with “Or,” “And” or “But,” or even a one-word sentence like “Yay,” can render your writing style more energetic and unpredictable. Letting your bubbly personality shine through will have more impact on your prospects than a plain voice over effect.

In the end, don’t assume something is dead before you tried all these rescuing techniques. When it comes to reviving and nurturing leads, content is always a good trick up your sleeve.

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