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by olivia (writer), Tampa, FL, February 13, 2017

Tires are one of the most integral parts of a motor home, and protecting them from everyday wear and tear is extremely essential. Covering your RV tires with tire covers can add to their longevity.

Are you looking forward to crack a fabulous cash-for-motor home deal? Know what? A few not-so-expensive tweaks can pay off big-time, and may even help you sell your rig faster. However, you'll have to provide your buyers something that matters to them. RV tire cover is one such item that can make your offer more attractive. How? First of all, the investment gives your prospects an impression that you are very particular about protecting each and every part of your RV against wear and tear. (In other words, you have taken good care of your RV.) Secondly, when you offer a set of covers as part of the deal, your buyers appreciate the fact that they are getting something useful that will give their RV tires a longer life and a lot of saving. To impress them further, tell them more about the advantages of using tire covers:

1.Ease of Use

Coming complete with a spring frame at the back, these canvas covers are very easy to put on and remove. Some products also have elastic to keep them in place on windy days.

2. Protection From UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause much damage to the tire. They affect the flexibility of the rubber compounds in the tires, subsequently breaking them down and weakening the sidewalls of the tires. Tire covers act as a shield between the vulnerable parts of the tires and the sun rays, providing a long term protection against UV-induced wear and tear. However, some prospects might ask you why they need to cover RV tires when they do not need one for their cars. The answer is pretty simple. Cars are used more often than RVs. As a result, UV protectant emollients get evenly distributed throughout the tires as they roll on the road. This system minimizes the wear and tear due to the sun exposure. On the other hand, RV tires do not enjoy any such protective benefits of emollients as they do not hit the road very often. Using tire covers is, therefore, always a better solution for RVs.

3. Protection From Cold and Moisture

Tire covers play an important role during winterization of RV. The rubber components of the tire can become brittle due to excessive cold and moisture from snow and rain. Tire covers can protect the tires from coming in direct contact with these elements and prevent them from cracking.

Choosing the right option

While RV covers can help you attract more buyers, it is important to choose the right product for your vehicle. Refer to the tire code of your RV to select the right size. They are available in single and double axle sizes. You can also select on the basis of style and color.

  • Style
  • By style, RV tire covers are of two types: shield style and bag style. Shield style varieties protect only the front part of the tires, while bag style covers provide complete protection to the tires. Though bag style covers provide a snug fit, it does not hinder air circulation.

  • Color
  • RV tire covers are either black or white in color. While both the colors provide UV protection, black covers have an added advantage of hiding dirt that accumulates on the cover over time. But black covers trap more heat than the white ones, so you should avoid it if you are targeting customers who live in extremely hot regions.

    Small investments like RV tire covers reap great results when it’s time to sell your RV. So if you want to get the best ‘cash for motorhomes’ deal for your RV, don’t forget these small details. In addition, you can approach an RV dealer to help you sell your RV at the best possible price.

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