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by herbertp343 (writer), , February 13, 2017

Make sure every detail is checked & rechecked by you personally prior to handing over lifelong belongings to a stranger who could be a professional fraudster and not a bona fide professional mover.


Moving from one location to another with your bags, baggage, furniture and all the other paraphernalia could be a very daunting task and going through it on your own is a near impossibility hence you may need to depend on professional movers to do it for you for a fee.

The fee may not be the important criteria in the selection of the best moving company but the incidence of regular frauds being committed on gullible people by fraudsters and culprits who have bolted with the valuable items of some people is the bone of contention to most who move and also the Federal Motor Carriers and Safety Administration under the auspices of the US Department of Transport who have regularized this industry but still there are a few who have slipped through the controls.

Easy pickings for fraudsters

Thousands of Americans move every year and it is known that an average American moves about 11 times in his lifetime and that is food for thought to gauge the extent of the business and also the reason why so many frauds are being committed in this industry.

Tricksters have found many ingenious ways to commit fraud right under the noses of unsuspecting people who have realized their folly only after they have been taken for a right royal ride up the garden path.

There are movers under every rock and pebble and most of them may have good credentials and testimonials of recommendations but there are a few bad eggs, whose fraudulent actions have made this industry one that needs special scrutiny by the authorities and citizens alike.

There are confidence tricksters who have made away with truck loads of goods that people have entrusted them with and who have not seen the color of them ever after.

Therefore it becomes very important that every detail is checked and rechecked by you personally prior to handing over your lifelong belongings to a stranger who could be a professional fraudster and not a bona fide professional mover.

Selecting the best moving company

After learning as to what you are up against you may feel that finding the best moving company in itself would be the most daunting task that the real physical moving on the date and time you have chosen.

Yes! That is the fact as you need to be 100% certain that the moving company you entrust your goods are noa fide and they are not fraudsters or wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

Only a thorough study and word of mouth information, personal visits by you to their offices and building a rapport with them prior to handing over your goods would provide you the confidence that they are the people to whom you are going to permit to get your valuable goods to your new home and not for them to vanish into thin air with all your belongings.

List all the movers

You may have to start in your quest to find the best moving company very early in your endeavor to move home and you should be finding every possible information that, you could get your hands on about the moving companies on your list.

Speaking to your friends, colleagues, and everybody you know and assimilating the information so obtained and sifting through it you may be able to leave the bad eggs out and find the best moving company to undertake your moving.

Check the bona fides

Once you have selected or shortlisted one professional mover you could recheck if what you have on record tallies with what they profess in their website and also in the literature that they have provided.

They should have the Federal Motor Carriers and Safety Administration (FMCSA) certification and authorization to handle the moving of goods and they should also have the experience and the expertise to undertake such operations under the prevailing State laws.

Once you have got quotes from a plethora of movers it is not necessarily that the lowest price is what you have to select because they may have hidden agenda to offer such a low quote.

Hence placing your bet with a reputed mover who has the goodwill of the community or who has worked with people whom you or your friends know would be better on the long run for you.

Handing over

On the day of moving it is imperative that a complete inventory of all the stuff you intend to move is given to them and they sign and accept them which would be your best chance to Protect Your Move.

Reputed professional movers would ensure that they keep their reputation and their goodwill intact and would seek to have more of your friends asking them to move for them and that would be a good sign but finding the best moving company is your sole responsibility.

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