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What is the Best Island to Visit in Hawaii for First Timers?

by Alicia Hill (writer), , February 13, 2017

Beautiful beach at Oahu, Hawaii

Undoubtedly, Hawaii is a dream vacation destination for nearly everyone. Ask anyone the places he or she would love to visit at least once in their lifetime, and chances are Hawaii is top on the list.

The region receives more than eight million visitors each year with 60 percent of them coming from the US mainland, and there is a good reason for it.

Hawaii has one of the best weathers in the whole world and a unique culture where the residents are a minority. The people are amazing and friendly, and it is impossible not to fall in love with their foods. This holiday destination has a rich history, volcanoes, and as far as geography is concerned, none of the islands resembles the other. Your shopping experience will be extraordinary, and by the time your holiday is over, you will want to stay longer because of the beautiful beaches and a myriad of the ocean activities. No one has ever gotten enough of the Hawaiian Islands.

Among the things that you must do when planning a vacation, apart from where to stay in Hawaii, is to determine which island or islands to visit. Whatever you choose, you can hardly go wrong because each of the islands offers unique experiences.

Let us consider some of the best islands in Hawaii for first timers, after which you can make that vital decision.


It has been named as the best island by people who appreciated its sunset, the golfing experience, and hikes. Expect the following at Maui Island.

Sunset Cruising – nothing beats the serenity of Maui. Imagine sitting on the bow of a sailing ship or boat, sipping a cocktail, and at the same time listening to the warm winds blowing over you. If it is a whale season, it is even more magical.

Golfing – every golf lover, or someone who has been meaning to learn, will find Maui especially attracting. Apart from the top of the line golf courses, there are views to match. If you want to spend some time away from the beach, and just want to do something different off the warm waters, how about getting lost in the world of golfing?

Hiking you will be spoilt for choices on matters of hikes. Maui has so many fantastic hikes that you will have a hard time determining where to start, but hey, it is better to have difficulties choosing which one to start with than having none at all. However, unless you have been permitted, stay clear of hikes located on private property. Since safety is imperative, you are better off getting a local and professional guide. He or she is best suited to show you the best, yet hidden sites including freshwater streams, saltwater pools, bamboo forests, and waterfalls.

Cuisine – Maui is also loved because of its amazing selection of cuisines. Take advantage of the availability of culinary masters from all walks of life that come to Maui to showcase their breathtaking flavors.


It is known for its waterfalls, coastline and incredible hiking experiences. If you love to explore, or if you are into nature Kauai will turn out to be the best island to visit in Hawaii. Someone who has visited nearly all the Hawaiian Islands and had an opportunity to make comparisons will tell you that Kauai offers the most ohana feeling compared to the others.

Hiking – it is only in Kauai where you get the best hiking trails in the whole of Hawaii. Insist on visiting the alluring Kalalau trail located on the NaPali coast as well as the hike inland to have a naked view of the weeping wall in Waialeale. You may also want to visit the Garden Isle that hosts the Waimea Canyon – named as Grand Kanyon by Mark Twain. For adventurers who want to feel a taste of romance from nature itself, Kauai Island is the place to be.

The Waterfalls – also known as the Garden Island, Kauai is home to the grandest waterfalls –some of which are easily accessible and a few others require a bit of effort to get to. The countless waterfalls complement the other sceneries effortlessly. Some of the top waterfalls in the island include Waipio Falls, Hanakapiai Falls, Wailua Falls, Secret Falls and Opaekaa Falls. Kauai is unarguably the best island to visit in Hawaii.

The Coastline – when selecting places to visit in Hawaii, forget not the prepossessing coastline of Kauai Island. The NaPali coast, which is unarguably, the most famous coastline in Hawaii, is truly majestic. It is the one place you go to get nourishment for the soul – you can safely bet on this undistorted fact. Get a panoramic view of the green pinnacles that tower along the 17-mile shoreline, the vast Pacific Ocean, the cascading waterfalls and the velvet green cliffs.


Honolulu’s downtown is not just the main business center and financial district of the state. The city boasts of the Hawaiian most cherished treasures which are just a walking distance away.

The City Life – if Oahu is on the list of one of the best places to visit in Hawaii, you must have a thing for a big city, superior accommodations and dining places and the general atmosphere associated with the bustle and hustle of the city life. As such, you might end up spending most of your time in Honolulu; the 11th biggest city in the United States.

Beaches – if you want to see the most beautiful beach in Hawaii, and enjoy a variety of watersports make a stop at Oahu.

Culture and Rich History – while there, take a tour of the best selection of the best cultural and historical sites in Oahu Island and the amazing museums. Do not leave Honolulu without seeing the historic buildings of Honolulu and the Mission Houses Museum located on the Cross Punchbowl Street where the first headquarter of the American Protestant missionaries was established in 1820. The structures in this mission houses are the oldest western-style buildings that have stood the test of time. Other treasures include original artifacts such as books, furniture, quilts, and numerous other household items that were used by the missionary families.

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