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How to Build a Dog Run

by FuntSamuelMastery (writer), , February 17, 2017

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A dog run already built

Building a dog run is becoming a popular option among dog lovers. An enclosed space that resembles a smaller zoo cage, a dog run is a temporary solution for dog owners.

Since a dog run is still a ‘cage’, a lot of dog owners are opposing this concept. Well, basically, it is a cage—only bigger and more spacious. But while locking up your pet pal in a dog run may seem cruel at first glance, it is not meant to be the permanent home for your dog. Plus, you can build a bigger dog run so your dog can maximize the space, but that requires you knowing how to build a dog run in the first place. You can also add toys and amenities that can promote movement.

Why Build a Dog Run: Learning the Basics

Dog runs sold in the market vary in size, built and price. However, buying a dog run is not always the most ideal solution, especially since dogs have their own specific needs. Add to that, the strength and stamina of dog breeds greatly differ too.

Since factors like size, shape and durability come into play, it can be extremely challenging for you to find the perfect dog run at a pocket-friendly price. Fortunately, you can always build a dog run from scratch. While it may not be as easy as it seems, creating a definite plan can help you save time, money and energy.

Top Factors to Consider before Building a Dog Run

You may not be able to build dog run overnight, but careful planning can help you avoid errors along the way. Below are some of the things you need to consider when planning your built:

    ·Backyard Size: Is your backyard large enough to accommodate a dog run? If not, you might just want to consider other options like keeping your dog on leash when the situation calls for it. This is especially true since a dog run should provide enough space for your best bud to walk, ‘run’ and play.

    ·Dog Size: Logically, the bigger your dog is, the bigger the dog run it requires. Plus, if you have more than just one dog, you have to make sure the dog run is big enough to promote movement for all of your pet pals.

    ·Dog Breed: Every dog breed has its unique set of needs and exercise requirements. Before building a dog run, read about the characteristics of your dog so you can design a temporary home that best suits your pet companion.

    ·Climate: Climate should be a top consideration when you are building a dog run. Do you need to focus more on adding heat insulation? Maybe you need to keep ventilation in mind? This way, your dog won’t suffer from extreme weather conditions.

    ·Purpose: Are you going to use the dog run as a permanent home for your pet companion or is it just a short-term solution? Once you successfully identify your purpose, start designing the dog run in accordance to your goals. However, always bear in mind that a dog should not be caged 24/7 as it can be a form of cruelty. Plus, this could also lead to aggressiveness.

The Important Elements of a Dog Run

When running a DIY project, you should first prioritize the basic building blocks of a dog run before adding extra elements. As a guide, below are some of the absolute basics of a dog run:

    ·Frame: Since a dog run is like a mini zoo cage, its frame should be sturdy enough to withstand a dog’s aggressiveness. Basically, a frame has 4 walls. You can either add a roof on it or not. Made up of bars or metal pipes, the frame is heavy on its own, so it can stand firmly without the help of anchors. Hence, you do not need to bury it deep into the ground unless you are in an area prone to calamities like storms and tornados.

    ·Fencing: Just like any fence, the dog run’s fencing should successfully keep your dog constrained. You can choose any type of fence you like, from sheets to crossbeams to thick wirings. It is literally up to you. It doesn’t matter what fencing you choose as long as your dog understands its purpose.

    ·Roofing: While roofs are optional, adding one can help add an extra shield of protection for your dog. What if it suddenly rains? What if it gets too hot? A roof can keep your comfortable regardless of climate. Plus, a roof keeps birds away from the dog run.

    However, you have to make sure that you are keeping your dog’s comfort in mind once you add a roofing system. There are roofing systems ideal for areas with temperate or windy locations, so it is best that you learn about this too.

How to Build the Dog Run

Building a dog run requires effort. Nonetheless, there is no need for you to think twice on building one, especially since you can use it for a lifetime.

To keep you guided, below are the important steps on making your own dog run:

    ·Firstly, build a frame. The length and height of the frame all depends on how spacious your dog run is, so make sure that you are keeping your measurements accurate. When building a frame, you can use metal pipes at more or less 3 inches in diameter. Again, it all depends on your metal frame of choice.

    ·Secondly, build the fence. Attach your chosen fence at the metal frames by the use of C clips and C rings. If you are using diamond-wired fencing, buy hundreds of C rings because you have to use one C ring for every part of the fencing that comes in contact with the frame, and that’s basically a lot.

    ·Set aside a section of the fence for your gate. Then, weld one pair of metal hinges on one side of the gate.

    ·If you decided to add a roof on your dog run, weld the same types of metal hinges across the top of the frame. Make sure that you’re not using too many metal hinges so your roof won’t get heavy. Once you’re done welding all the metal hinges in place, grab the roof of your choice and place it at the top of the frame. You can use a sheet metal, a plastic sheet or a wood panel—it all depends on you.

Lastly, if you are finished building the basics, now is the best time to add extra amenities like an obstacle course, a ramp or a ledge. Just make sure that your dog run is spacious enough for the extra facilities you have in mind.

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