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Top Apps For Android Wear 2017

by Pranav Rajput (writer), India, February 20, 2017

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Via this post, I have talked about the 4 of the Top apps for android wear 2017. Do go through these apps if you own a smart watch and tell us your opinions.

Android Wear was launched by Google in the Google I/O 2014 but failed to cope up with the expectations. It was supposed to revolutionise the watch form factor, except that it didn’t. Huge prices played a big role in keeping the devices to the hands of the upper classes only and thus the failure.

It is still however used by a good number of people, and several apps for android wear started to come. Google said in 2015 that more than 4000 apps exist in the Play store that are android wear compatible, and the number must have increased a lot by the time you are reading this post.

In this post, we are going to talk in detail about 4 of the Top apps for android wear 2017.

  1. Google Keep
    Google Keep as we all know the note taking app by Google which has helped all of us be more productive in our works. With notes, check lists, to-do lists, coloured notes, labels, this app is a lifesaver for many including me.

    The android wear version of Google Keep makes note taking even easier. You can now view, edit, create notes with your smartwatch.

    The app is also capable of making notes as you talk to it.

  2. PixtoCam for Android Wear
    Ever wanted a way to use your Android phone as a spy device? Ever wanted to set it up as a hidden camera and spy on someone?
    Enter PixtoCam, a useful extension to your android’s camera. This good app for android was created as a simple viewfinder for your Android camera, but the things one can do with it is mind-blowing.

    Once you install and setup this app, you can view your camera’s output in your smartwatch’s screen anytime, everywhere.

    The app also has several features such as zooming in or out, turning the LED on or off, switching between the front or rear camera, preview, etc.

    Another useful spy thing about the app is that, one can start recording even without unlocking the device, the phone will just sit silently and record, no camera windows, no light on the screen.

    PixtoCam is not a free app; you need to pay $1.99 to own this app. But that is a really small amount for an app of this potential.

  3. Lifeline

    Gaming in handheld devices took a huge turn with the arrival of Android devices. These devices have great processing and memory power. Combined with amazing touch screens, and the sensors to detect motion, a lot of great games came into the Android devices.

    Even though gaming in small screens is tough, developers did find ways to bring games to the Android Wear category. There are dozens of games available today made for the android wear smartwatch. We recommend Lifeline.

    Lifeline is a real-time RPG game that is text based. In this game, users are supposed to help a lonely space traveller, Taylor, who crash-landed on a distant planet. You are the only person from Earth Taylor could reach out to, and you are supposed to help him overcome his fears via texts.

    The texts are time-based which means that the texts will not come when Taylor is asleep or busy. How the game proceeds and ends depend upon your interactions. Android wear integration makes the game more interesting and playable as the messages from Taylor can come anytime, and you need to be ready to reply. You can use lucky patcher to increase lifeline's functionality.

  4. Wear Audio Recorder
    This app comes last in our list of Top apps for android wear 2017. A simple yet useful app to have installed on your android wear device. It can record audio and save them to your Android phone if you have the app installed on both devices.

    The Material Design UI is quick and smooth. There are audio quality options and other features such as setting gain levels, Echo suppression and noise filtering, silence skipping.

    The app is also capable of recording in the background, i.e., when the screen is off.

Via this post, I have talked about the 4 of the Top apps for android wear 2017. Do go through these apps if you own a smart watch and tell us your opinions.

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