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Survivor: Fans Vs. Ozzy And A Bunch Of Idiots

by freestrike (writer), Houston, February 11, 2008

I was so excited when I heard that the new survivor was going to bring back previous contestants and pit them against super fans of the show. I figured that the producers would have surely learned from their casting mistakes of the first All Stars. They're calling the new survivor Fans Vs Favorites but instead it should be called Fans Vs Ozzy and a bunch of Idiots.

There is no Judd, or Candice, or Michelle or Pei-gi. Instead, like All Stars we have to put up with some of the most annoying players in the history of the game. Of course they had to bring back Ozzy but the rest of the favorites were already scheming to vote him off in the first episode. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think he'll last long.

Here's a list of the so called favorites. Jonathon from Cook Islands who was stupid enough to mutiny from his tribe and then trust the people he mutinied against. Johnny Fairplay from Pearl Islands who got his ass kicked by LIL in the final immunity challenge. Eliza who got played like a fiddle by Chris in Vanuatu. Yao-Man who was was stupid enough to give a truck to Dreamz in Figi. Cirie who is probably the most nonathletic player in survivor history. James who will go down in history as the only player to get voted out while in possession of TWO immunity idols. Then there's Parvati from Cook Islands. Don't even get me started.

In addition to Ozzy there are two other favorites that actually have half a brain. Those being Ami from Vanuatu and Amanda from China. Still I can't figure how they possibly could have picked Amanda over Pei-gi from China.

For the most part this is an extremely sorry “all star” cast. Of course I'm the one who was stupid enough not to apply for this Survivor. It would have been an unprecedented chance to compete against the lamest tribe in the history of the game. Yes, the favorites got their asses kicked by the fans in the first challenge. I doubt any of the favorites will make it to the final two, three or whatever it will be this time.

They really need to have a Survivor All-Stars where the fans get to pick who comes back. They could have an online vote where fans could pick their top three favorites. Then whoever gets the most votes should be brought back.

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