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Protecting and maintaining Asphalt roofing system

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , February 08, 2017

There are certain similarities in the structure and requirements of algae and mosses but in order to get rid of these from your rooftop, you need to adopt different strategies.

Asphalt roofing is very much in trend these days and the asphalt roofs are also considered not only better in terms of strength but also look amicable and beautiful. However there is one problem with the asphalt roofs and that is these roofs get mold and fungus too much quickly. Recurrence of moss and fungi on the roof tops is very common and it may be very difficult to get rid of this problem. But before adopting any remedial services it is very important to know about the fungus and mold in detail. One must know very well that what these are and how they spread especially on a roof. Only then successful and applicable remedial measures can be adopted to protect your asphalt roofing system.

Although there are certain similarities in the structure and requirements of algae and mosses but in order to get rid of these from your rooftop, you need to adopt different strategies.

Algal growth of rooftop:

Algal growth is often mistakenly taken as being mold or mildew growth and it appears on the asphalt roof in the form of black colored streaks or black discoloration and these growths are found often on the roofs of Canada and the United States. Normally the growth of algae is seen on the places which are moist or damp for most of the time.Usually this growth is seen on the coastal and humid places where the climatic conditions are suitable for the growth of such organisms.

Common types of algae fond growing on these roofs areblue green algae and gloeocapsa magma.These algal forms cannot tolerate the ultraviolet radiations and therefore these organisms produce sheath of dark pigment around their cells. Initially the coloration procedure of algae begins on small spots and then later on these spots become the long streaks on the roof panels. This typically happens on the asphalt roofs.

Moss is another major problem which is basically a non-vascular plant and in North America, the growth of mosses is seen on the roofs facing North side. Moss requires shade and moist conditions in order to grow and therefore the shady places of roofs serve as the optimum places for the growth of mosses. When there are overhanging branches of trees over the roof and damper surfaces, this can result in the extensive growth of mosses.

When the growth of these organisms is at its maximum, it can result in the leakage of roofs and in severe cases the shingles can also be damaged.

Maintenance of asphalt roof:

In order to protect the asphalt roofing from moss and fungal growth, it is important to keep the roof clean. In order to clean the roof, it is important to use the mixture of water and chlorine bleach in an equal amount. The mixture is applied in the form of spray and then allowed to stay and dry for some time. It is important to protect the surroundings form the chlorine bleach as it is very strong one.

Only cleaning the roof is not enough, it is also equally important to protect the asphalt roofing system from any further growth and damage. There are certain steps which can be taken in order to avoid the situation.

·By trimming the branches of overshadowing trees on the roof, one can minimize the accumulation of debris and the conditions for their growth can be discouraged.

·Clearing the debris frequently on the roof can also help in reducing the chance of algal and moss growth.

·The flow of air should be designed in such a way that it avoids the debris accumulation beneath the edges of shingles.

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