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How to Win More Clients and Influence Markets by Doing Less

Win more clients

Time as a commodity is very expensive and essential. Once lost, it can hardly be regained.

Time as a commodity is very expensive and essential. Once lost, it can hardly be regained. Most entrepreneurs wished they could double the normal 24 hours but this is impossible. Ironically, some may not accomplish anything substantial even if they’d double the time.

For businesses, putting a lot of time into customer retention is a worthwhile venture. But doing this requires having a great attitude. While trying to perfect aspects of the business such as book keeping and marketing strategy to analytics and content development, entrepreneurs must also find a way to satisfy the customers.

The most amazing thing is that you can win more clients and influence markets by doing less. Here are a few ways to do that.

Be a thought leader in your industry

As a thought leader, people listen when you speak because you’re tested and trusted. The advantages are quite numerous. You’d get speaking gigs at top industry events where most startups and lead entrepreneurs want to be. You’d also get published on most authority sites thus bringing more exposure to your brand.

On the overall, you should introduce your business to at least 3 people every day. Win those hearts and stretch a relationship from there. Network like never before and ask for recommendations so you can get leads from your network.

Be creative

Being creative requires coming up with new ideas all the time. However, racking your brain for ideas could prove straining at time. Therefore, you should tap on other people’s brains and leverage their achievements. After all, results are what customers need.

You should examine what your competitors have been doing differently. Look at their flaws and improve on it. Look for new alternatives and capitalize on their weaknesses.

But when comparing solutions from different vendors becomes a bit tasking, the resources such as those found on Technology Evaluation Centers could help you provide the solutions that you need.

Offer value for free

The online cloud is choked and busy with entrepreneurs trying to get clients for their businesses. At first, you should offer exclusive value and give them out for free.

Freebies build trust and improve customer relationship. On the long run, they strengthen customers’ buying habits. Doesn’t it make sense to get great value for free instead of paying for same value elsewhere? Most times, customers pay back with their loyalty.

Engage on social media

Social media marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. People may not buy from you immediately, but your path will always cross. This brings more visibility to your brand.

The only values they’ll get during those periods are your valuable contents, opinions, suggestions, community engagement and all. But all these definitely add up. You can have them complete your surveys or simply answer their questions via your social media channels. With time, they’ll advance from mere audience to targeted leads.

Follow up

You've attended many conferences, several events, meet-ups, and workshops. You've met and discussed your business with millions of people. Yet, you complain about not making enough money.

The truth is that you’re leaving too much on the table by not following up. An effective follow up is the magic wand that converts fans to loyalists and connections to paying clients. So grab your contact list and create a good follow up plan.

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