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You can certainly lose weight this way!

by Sophia Jones (writer), , February 09, 2017

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You generally hear that you should drink a lot of water every day so that you don't get dehydrated. You may not know about it but the foods you eat daily also have fluids in them. However.....

You generally hear that you should drink a lot of water every day so that you don't get dehydrated. You may not know about it but the foods you eat daily also have fluids in them. However, were you aware of the fact that the fluid your body takes in can add to your weight? Water weight usually causes bloating because of too much salt present in your body. Your kidneys have a role to play over here, occasionally, when you eat a little more salt than usual your kidneys hold on to on to extra water from whatever you eat or drink. This is done in order to dilute the salt so that it may balance the salty imbalance in your body. The extra water absorbed may result in bloating which is common in pregnant ladies or when you have a gaseous stomach. It gives you a nasty feeling of feeling full and heavy which can be relatable as water generally fills you up. However, water weight may also magically disappear as the salt levels in your body becomes normal and your kidneys flush it out, some people also refer to this as ghost weight because one minute it’s there and the next, it’s not.

Water weight can be lost easily and it’s not something you should panic over. I have listed below some easy techniques for you to get back into shape.

No more salt, please!

A sure way to store additional water is by eating foods that are high in sodium. The more sodium you eat, the more water your body will hold. Read nutrition labels and maintain a distance from foods that are high in sodium for example, processed foods like soup, canned foods and frozen dinners. Switch to healthy foods such as steamed greens, turkey, roasted chicken which are likely to fill your tummy and keep it in great shape.

How about for some cardio exercises?

The easiest way to get rid of water weight is by sweating! Take part in cardiovascular activities as this will boost your heart rate and digestion system. Your metabolism will start functioning at an increased rate due to which, any excess fluids will burn alongside unwanted fat. Aim for a minimum exercise of at least 30 minutes as anything less than that will be of no good. Your body will take at least 30 minutes to start burning those toxic fluids and fat.

You don’t know healthy cabbage is

You may not favor the taste of cabbage juice but mix it with a tiny bit of yogurt and be sure to drink it in the morning with some pepper seasoning to decrease water weight, sooner. Cabbage contains properties and minerals that can keep your body from putting on water weight. It diminishes and keeps up the rate of water retention. It also heals organ inflammation and bloating. I never said this would cover up your body’s need to work out or would be equal to a walk in the park; you need to incorporate this cabbage juice with your usual workout or walk routine if you want to wear your favorite skinny top that’s lying in corner of your closet yet again.

Good bye alcohol

Alcohol dries you out. When your body is dehydrated it needs to recollect water from any other source available. Whatever you drink or eat, your body will retain maximum water possible which will make you bloat. Individuals think that alcohol is a good thing because it makes you thirsty and makes you drink more water which is a good thing but that water is adding pounds to your body. So if you want a well-toned body then you need to cut down on all of your alcoholic consumptions.

Optimal hours of sleep

Now I have your attention, don’t I? Finally doing something we all love, eh? If you’re looking to lose a few pounds then an ideal time for you to sleep is about 9 hours. Order yourselves a nice mattress in a box if you don’t already have one or you just feel the spring of the existing ones going apart. Remember, you could get in a stranglehold if the thing you’re using isn’t helping as peaceful sleep for a specific number of hours is a must for human body to function properly. This is because you wake up fresh and have the energy to go through your day without slagging here and there, so doing all that work and walking up and down your office stairs will eventually help you shave off a few inches of that stomach.

Remember this process may take up to 2-3 weeks so there’s no need to get frustrated if you don’t get instant results. People often cut down on all forms of liquid when they try to drop their water weight. This is a myth and it does you no good, plus if you try to lose more than 3% of water weight at a time then this may be very dangerous for you.

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